Monday, May 1, 2017

Come, We Will Run After Thee!

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     -And I Heard In My Hearing, "get ye to repentant alters, God is now avenging martyred blood," 04/19/2017, (the fulfillment of God's Wine Press, set Itself to end 10's of millions US soil, On The Map). Apb

     I was kneeled, As To Kiss Jesus' Feet, But Full Straight Ahead, To The Mount Of Olivet,

Article, ..., Article

      -I could virtually kiss the person who wrote this article, may God's whole armor be upon them as the regiment of angels all around and through me, that fall day, 2012. This, the telling of truth, I believe the pause in heaven that both John and I experienced is about.
      -It's Jesus explaining to an overly zealous Governor Pilate, Self-dom, Religion and politics their slanders. Still how he, Jesus had come to testify of the truth, know this, God's word alone is truth
    -Now hear this, anything, person, nation, kingdom, LGBTQ and P for pedophile fornicators movements, or fallen angels senselessly climbing up Babel's towers are thieves and robbers. Except the Lord build it, the mortar/martyr being Jesus' blood, it is accursed, one stone cast down upon another, until ascension of the deliverer stone made without hands.
     -Understand apostle, for this single reveal, astronomical celebrations, the Lamb's book, the Marriage Supper, the Seventh Angel, one or the other were brought to a screeching halt. Then a Holy one approached, next I know like Moses and the Burning bush.
     -Only mine is instead this mountain from which there's a sunrise. Only in likeness of the burning Bush it speaks. lamenting, even commanding, still as in the days of Moses, message to world ruling Pharaohs "let my people go, referencing the great whore of religion ruling mass assembly by a weighty talent, Mystery America.
     -In John's day, 92 AD, five world reaching nations had already fallen, one existed. That upon the Roman Empire being obliterated into world nations, Kingdoms and congloments King Nebuchadnezzar witness crash and crumble to dust and wind. As so was the faith  of recent Nation building, as a huge container that crushed Saddam Hussein, and declared him injured, that he wouldn't recover, meant until that yet pending as the final week of Daniel, right now replacing or out facing the dispensation of Grace.
     -There is only one world system, whose builder and maker is God, and to those who're about to perish by the tens of millions, not only does a death render dawn but a horse of hades seeing the rebellious to their fiery, even final destination rides with him. As I said, there's only one foundation laid, that's of Christ and his holy Apostles​, beware all how you build thereupon.
     -Let me say this the world system Elohim had for me is not the self governing rule of them being ignorant, or simply harden at Gods righteousness. A wicked practice Holy Spirit suggested be pound into the dust: though intesd head on into Obama's two weeks and seven years timetable  doing which the two beast, one from land, one from sea time did come.
     -Formibably those who're to coerion and possess some into Anti-christ, the false prophet, did as well rise. Such fulfillment soared into completion just as incorrigible American went to and fro about their abominable lives, lands and churches. Such is the fulfillment​, the dispensation of grace allowing the last two hundred to two thousand years of this now technical age amidst historic transgressions.
     ,-That clearly, as you worship pleasures, this mammoth distraction, the Bride is being taken. The before you realized, people are going to be dropping like flies, this epidemic before you know it. I received another word, 05/01/2017, an allottment of time, a voice lamenting "twenty-four hours," I'm the dark, this could be its estimated timable.
     -Still, stand alert, its all pending right into US to the world's​ Transgressing soil, Damater, the Yellowstones. As so the Nibiru's, the plagues, the Asians, the Russians, the Chaldeans. Surely the, and lest we forget, the mark of the beast, into the Adam/atom. I know what you're​ thinking, that's just everything advocates of population control could ever wish for. Only, as such was Gabriel's forewarning, once Daniels Seventh Week is finished.
     -Hesitating not, the Seventh Angel shall begin to sound, the Kingdoms of men, shall become the Kingdoms of God and His Anointed, Christ; the blessed sight of seeing Jesus Millennium in all of it's glory, miraculously ousting a dead and damning falsehood​ of a Hussein (an Islamic) reign. Joy to the world, and His Name shall be called, the Everlasting Father, beware, Apb, The RAM, see more here,

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