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And White Robes Where Given unto Them, Until Thy Brethren Suffer Accordingly, Pray Your Escape!

Is Seeing Believing? Not According To The Bible, Blessed Are Those Who Believe Without Seeing, Apb, see here,
-There's Something Mighty On The Planet About Weather Alerts, beware, receiving Weather Alert as a word, 05/17/2017, Apb
-And I Heard In My Hearing, 1998, 2017, "get to repentant alters, God is avenging martyred blood," the wine press of God, targeting US soil, as well on the map), Apb -I believe in Nibiru because a planetary body of it's magnitude and scope, as Apostle John, by God'd revelation was foretold thousands of years ago. Sincerely, it's timing right now is complicit with end time bible fruition, even the stone cut out without hands, (Dan. 2), I witness lately as 2015, had the surface of a meteor. For those who can't bring themselves to believe what they can't see, this mean this faith in bible prophecy in which you say you have is lacking in faithfulness. Which is to mean end times strong delusions cursed upon unbelievers, that they're incapable of seeing or realizing anything even phenomenally tangible is upon you, beware. -Truly pray about that, ask God forgiveness and ask him for the reveal, Apostle told you, they're all come, every manner of making of master disaster, from man, to earth to heaven is upon us with cataclysms unfounded ever or ever again, remember from whence thou art fallen , return and repent. Like the Resurrection Christ, God's Wrath is no longer coming, it's here, it's targeting tens of millions Us soil alone, believe it or not. Blessed are the hearers and doers of end time forth-telling, now is the end come upon all your describable, abominable lives, lands and churches, having forsaken God, repent, Apb, The RAM, see more here,

  Article…Who will be left smiling and who will be left homeless and who will be going to jail? Article… 

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     Seem to be seeing the word Treasures all black and blasted, this was right before an inferno tour through especially Gatling-burg Tennessee, some of his most historic places. I'm reminded of the Apostle Paul telling the Greeks how they had more gods than people, and like these stone gods, they, Greeks/Westerners, had eyes but no sight, they had ears but they couldn't hear, they had hands that were worthless, their hearts were hollow,

Strong Delusion You Say, That we Believe Lies, You say.?

      -I need to comment on this song, Charlie Wilson's I'm Blessed“ To say this, how all in agreement that they're blessed, well to be sincere you're feeling blessed only because of the dispensation of grace, extended to all men the man in linen Daniel's visitor, see Dan. 12, that we, that they all get saved. Again that they remember, return and repent, only all men , and yes that wold include you, as though God is clueless, live their so called blessed lives as to throw God's grace back at him, these sacrifices of the wicked.

      -This is why just the other day I said, people feel Jesus is fine wherever he is as long as the American Dream stand, that's just it, the timetable given, from the days Daniel had dwindled into the two weeks and seven years granted the Hussein Obama Administration, America, the West this abruptly finish, These surreal truths are made evident for which we hear Jesus say, many shall come to me in that day, yet I will profess I never knew you, you that worked iniquity. Further long it's the Apostle Paul lamenting how there was a time God winked at our ignorance, which is basically America's,the recent evil world crumbling foundation to frustration accursed.
     -As was revealing, ours, as so the back-slidden verses the redeemed definition of blessings that varies, you see I counted myself blessed because God would take away all falsified lives lands and churches now deemed Mystery America; he instead was made to feel blessed as he was now the recipient, of this masterful distraction. This is why Jesus explained to Governor Pilate how His Kingdom wasn't of this world, that we're not to lay treasures upon this earth, Not only would a day come there wouldn't be one stone left upon another, but come so worthless they wouldn't be given away, thus wherever a man lays his treasures there is his sacrificial heart. No, God's throne awaiting the righteous Bride right now, awaited Christ's Jesus ascension then, thus Jesus' promise to prepare alike mansions in heavens for us and if he go to prepare such the extraordinary, then shall he as at present, return, that where He, Blessed Jesus is, shall we, the Bride also be.

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-As I dozed into a sleep, I witnessed the word, 'NOW', move about like someone was working a puzzle piece until it came to sit beside the word judgment, as in 'Judgment now,' as so did I receive the inscription, well actually I witnessed a hand write the Letters, USDS, (The United States Digital Service), I would be so lying if I told you I knew what these initials meant until right now. With so many warning that the Mark of the beast will be a digital code, it maybe simply what these warnings mean. -As I said, I had a night of dreaming the Antichrist reign just as Trump's inauguration approached, unlike anything I've had since Senator Hussein Obama's bid for the identical world post. Remember, it was just shy of a Pence debate, that I sensed the same fury, God, Himself, described to the Prophet Ezekiel, how a fury would come into his face regarding the rise of Gog and Magog, The two beast of Rev. 17, of which Apostle witness rise, one from land, one from sea, 2008, just as Obama's (America's), pending two weeks and seven year administration, right into Cameron's pending as well Brexit, woe, woe, and woe!, And White Robes Where Given unto Them, Until Thy Brethren Suffer Accordingly, Pray Your Escape! -As I woke from sleep just the other morning I heard the forewarning, "get ye to repentant alters, God is avenging martyred blood," just under twenty years past a similar cry was, "tell them," mass assembler's, to get to repentant alters, pastors, ministers, messages and churches. To equally learn of end times events, a darkness (see Obama's Administration into the Brexit and the come New EU/Ten Heads), (darkness) is coming, (see the purpose of the weigh station, no country, people are exempt), -These heart gripping truths is why February 2015, I received text like messages along side of my prayer bed, all of which were saying and I quote, "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on his way. Again, Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way, Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way, these forewarnings are why Apostle say, Jesus is here, that He's parked the heavens above awaiting a specific nan-o-second as is described, I Cor. 15:51-58, at the speed of the twinkle of ones eye. -A stunning prophetic fulfillment so much so as Americans to Westerners plan their escape from Western occupation; you, well the born again. They may as well be planning what they're to do once in heaven, that's besides the various prophetic celebrations, so what are you going to do once you are there? To be honest, from what's been shown me the day of Jesus' appearing in the heavens spring 1986 into this second at present, we, the Bride are so far removed from this earth, we're participating in the Lamb's Book of life not only being open but being used phenomenally as a divine, as usual prior to surmountable death tolls, a roll call to census taking. -It was days later, I come to realize I'd been given this text like reassurance about the same time as those now well publicized 21 male, Egyptian Coptic Christians. Who were being lead unto a beach by ISIS terrorist and were to denounce Christ or be beheaded, all choosing the later, undoubtedly the beginning to the end of what's soon to come to Tribulation Saints all over this planet, as is prophesied Revelation, the fifth seal, they'll be faced with. Ken Peters is given a dream about end time tribulation where he is soon brought into a surreal performance of what facing this manner of persecution to execution will be like. -In the dream he's facing whether to deny Christ or lose his head, and he is beyond terrified by this decision when Christ come into his presence, reassure him, and I quote him, quoting Christ Jesus, "death can't contain you" (righteous death propulsion the saints into God's Kingdom, crying Abba father). I explained in these post lately, Jesus Christ hath a church that doesn't die, but ascend and no power on earth, above nor beneath it can prevail against them, because they ascend. Now I want you to realize this text message more advanced, how after millions are disappeared from the earth, this surreal come realization is now being twitted, texted and told all through what's possibly left of social networking Jesus is come and the Bride is gone home; now comfort one another accordingly,be aware as God Himself. Apb, The RAM, see also

Article... North Korera Threatening, They Want WW3,

 -This is why Clinton's was a Hilexit, why Bush was declared, "One era/error into a New Fear-factor, why Obama was declared, "The One," and given a timetable of two weeks and seven years," 2008-2015, right into a pending Cameron Brexit, a voice lamenting, and I quote, "it's all about Cameron,"2015. Which is why Russia come to ally Syria's Assad, equally this is to explain the Angel Gabriel appearing and again I quote him, "all things is upon mankind, she's going with the seven angel," 2004, see, Rev. 10, 11 Chapts. 

     -As well this breaking news is why I witnessed the glorious ascension of Jesus' Millennium, following a declared these last fifteen years, this Dunlap street (as in time done lapse. street),  that is Obama/the Maya, meaning we're entering into the final seven years of rebellion ever, and I quote,  For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, (Western Civilization to Modern day Babylon), which reigneth over the kings of the earth. beware, Apb, The RAM, God alone hath reign!   

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