Friday, May 19, 2017

There's Something About Weather Alerts, Beware, Great Sorrow

Prophecy Links -There's Somebody About Weather Alerts, Something Always Until Desolation Are Finished, This Way, Cometh -The Tumbling Of Syed Farook, The Terrorist, Bearing Diamond Wedding Rings, A Build Up Of Torture Vehicles Are Come! -I just posed this as a statement to Google, 'when America is no more and Islam rule the world,' clearly when judgments to cataclysms were only the beginning Us soil, all attention then turn to Arabia as it's world leader. I believe not only was pointing out a Cameron pending Brexit to follow Obama's dwindling time table,06/2015 was about Western Civilization decline. Though the Rise Of the United mostly Arab nations, even the ten heads of Daniel, to the Revelations of Apostle John's prophecies, hence us being the generation that will not past away until it's all fulfilled. Surely, indefinitely, only by a thinning thread of a miracle we're still here, where only at the blink of an eye former things are past forever. -When Apostle John was brought to see the great whore that sat on many waters, Mystery America into a revised Mystery Babylon, he was told how five nations had fallen; Nations of which the Prophet Daniel witnessed rise just as he sat under the rule of King of kings Nebuchadnezzar. Continuing, John was told five of these nations had fallen, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo Persia, Grecia and one is, meaning the Roman Empire at that time. I guess you can say Daniel's time table concerning falling crumpling nations stalled or detoured per Christ's cross alone an intermission described as a time, times and a half to here at present, the rise of the Antichrist. There was no way to know this allotment meant it would be over 300 to 500 years before the prophecies of Daniels then sealed, would be unveiled doing God's Revelations, for the time was at hand, and yet another 2000 years into this very hour, we're until total fulfillment. -This is why Apostle say, the prophet Daniel, assisted by the Angel Gabriel, by an incarnate Christ was shown end time fulfillment and was commanded to seal them until the end, and then promised a timely fruition. The Apostle John, Jesus, the heavenly host assisting was shown end time fulfillment and was told to reveal them, for the time was at hand. I, declared an Apostle of Christ, at Christ's appearing,1986, was now from 534 BC, into 2004 AD, by the selfsame Angel Gabriel, as well having been shown the fulfillment right into Jesus walking again among His people. Again I, these world nations at present were told to fulfill. Clearly end time events would no longer be stalled, explaining witnessing the resurrection of the Bride right into the Lamb's Book of life being made a divine roll call into a physically overwhelming census taking. All the phenomena above to again give clarity not only to witness the Bride reigning in heaven, but Jesus glorious millennium descending into made angry rebellious men. -I declare, right this very second, every person that is on this planet that is not after repentant alters of Jesus Christ are in great, darkening error. Great tribulations that are come, the worse ever will not have respect to person, statue, age nor ethnicity, death never has remember, though for many millennia you've heard this, it, death snare men when they least suspect it. Please realize, you're not only looking down the horrid ever barrel of a world without America, America is no more because the dispensation of grace, the allotted times, times and a half having the church age is expired into marriage suppers and Mansions, these unforeseen celebrations with Christ. I know you've heard Jesus describe these days as the days of Noah, while scripture place them as those of Lots, "THE FALL this evil coup against the Genesis man/marriage again and again. These indigestible truths even while Elohim place these judgments that are come, as those double their cataclysmic sentences, so if the pale horse of Christmas night 2001 until 190 months is fulfilled, October 2017, is set to kill a quarter of the earth, imagine double such a lethal toll. No wonder the Holy Spirit sound so desperate 1998, lamenting in my ear and I quote him, "somebody need tell them, (all assemblers), somebody need warn them, get to Churches, Pastors, Messages and Alters of Christ, learn of end time events, for a darkness is coming." With said message only days past now lamenting, "get ye to repentant alters, God is avenging Martyred Blood." Truly, America is fallen for 31 springs, the entire West, tens of millions are missing off the earth, tens of millions dead, tens of millions injured or escaping for their yet damn lives except they get in Jesus Christ, except they realize Trump is a Truexit, escape! Beware, Apb, The RAM, see here,

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