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-And I Heard In My Hearing, 2003, "one error/era into a new fear-factor," (out with the United States, in with the United Arabs), see more here,

-The sounding of the seventh angel, Rev. 11, is the only overall power to stop all wars and rumors into Jesus' Millennium and God's Kingdom Age to follow. This is why just as the Angel Gabriel 2004, forewarn the fulfillment of all things being upon mankind, he also mention the seventh Angel. For when the seven angel shall begin to sound, the kingdoms of men shall become the Kingdoms of God and His Christ, and they shall reign forever, then is come Jesus' one thousand year reign, hallelujah! Amen, Apb, The RAM, -The New European Union, the come ten heads, little horn, and glory to god in the highest, Jesus's Millennium reign, this is all what Apostle John in Supreme's Revelations was predicting, the moment he heard, five are fallen, one is and one(the ten heads), haven't yet come, and when he come he shall remain a little while, approximately 42 months that is. You live, well since this life is cursed, you exist in two worlds, one visibly delusional, that is temporal and one invisible that is eternal, praise God for Jesus Christ. -A stunning example would be, in 2003, while the whole world was being either terrified or liberated regarding Bush wars now of those targeting Saddam, hunting him the Iraqi mountains, it's streets, again this visible world, while in the invisible world, I was trying to figure how it was there was a world outcry for Hussein to reign, I'll say that again, while the only Hussein I, we, knew, was being hunted down or persecution and execution, unimaginably the same was being summoned to come and rule over them, this thing I found really strange to me seeing the only Saddam Hussein I knew would soon be hanging from a deadly noose, by the righteousness of the West, served.
-Although as one would say, don't count your rumored WMD's yet, Elohim God, realizing what He alone has predestined, that for the remaining two weeks and seven years of western civilization. Elohim wasn't only placing a Hussein in the White house but for America's, the West remaining duration he was making him, again, a Hussein.

-I mean just as the people had been crying, Hussein, now the most powerful man on the planet, so for America and the West despite these future votes, post. There would be no escape, well only with one exception, repentant alters to Christ Jesus. This truth is the only thing that's going to explain this witness of Jesus' Glorious Millennium on the premise of a massive lost of life, follow Obama's, like there was no future Trump nor America nor the West, just a thirty-something slow motion exodus come to it's judgment sentence. .


If Left Behind These High Rise Building's

  -If you miss the rapture, no matter what is said if Millions of people disappear, it's Jesus, ok, it's Jesus. It's not aliens, terrorists, or chemicals, I know ridiculous, it is Jesus.

     -He, Jesus did this showing a rebellious world He alone can do this, He alone Is God. Do not take the mark. Do not, they have seven years, and you're​ chosing to live seconds compared to thousands of years to eternity, God's Kingdom Earth, it is ridiculous.
     - I know it's scary, but you're here because you didn't hear Jesus' Call, that's all, sin prevented it. They can only take your life, Holy Spirit's will then deliver you to Christ. Remember how young Stephen died, Acts 7:56, his body succumb to a horrible attack. Though amazingly His spirit, soul was simultaneously ascending to Jesus.
     -The Church Jesus' Build ascends right out of the reach of Satan, Demons, Dark Man, and hell, 'and hell.' This is what Jesus was describing again to women, to Lazarus' Sisters​, John 11, He Is The Resurrection of the dead. Get Jesus! Not just Church, Get Jesus! 
     -Sure enough, am I, Apostle Bradford, telling you how to die? While don't be offended, by those Jesus deem thieves and robbers, even murders from the beginning all your life you been told how to die. Actually how to forfeit this present curse to either by Christ Cross unto eternal life, as God's servant or by rejecting the Cross unto immortal damnation, having honored Satan's Seat. Despite what you have by the American Dream been made to believe, this has always been the world, a curse of death, hence Jesus' warning, he that believeth is condemned already.
     -It's why holy scripture laments the last enemy of man that shall be destroyed is death, all former condemnations past away, actually an indescribable glory accomplished by Christ's Cross but won't experience it's fruition until the Great White Throne Judgment. The great white throne judgment, Rev. is when all the ungodly dead, that's names, even here lately not found written in the Lamb's Book of Life, so like Satan, like the antichrist they're all cast into lakes burning with fire. This mean God's Kingdom, to the Kingdom, New Age is Come, and the present earth and heaven has been phenomenally by exploding atoms been remodeled accordingly, beware.
     -Though God, God so loves the world of mankind, that while they're yet sinners, the Brides' fore-warnings are yet put forth this telling of pending dangers only seconds and counting from the great gathering, beware, nothing but your unrepentance separates you from God's astronomical plan to redeem what He fashioned from the foundation of this world, as is usual, repent or perish, Gabriel readies God's Trump, The Archangel Michael His Voice, and, The Christ Himself, His Call, and with the speed of one blinking an eye up goes the Bride, beware, Apb,

-Our God Is Long-suffering, That None Perish, Why Die, Live!

-Sadly, I've come to the conclusion most people, even supposedly Christians feel Jesus is fine wherever He's at as long as America Stand, Though that's just it, the time of deletion like other world powers have come, it was Dec. 25th 2001, for 190 months, that's 15.10 years.. Then unto cataclysmic events it's own soil, just this outbreak of mortuary, targeting tens of millions, even see from Jeremiah's Lamentations to Apostle John's, Rev. 17, 18th chapters. -As so sadly, like in the days of Noah, Jesus Himself chanted, who is going to believe our report? Jesus is here, 02/17/2015, Holy Spirits told me He was on His way here, thus parked the heavens some scholars say about 6000 miles above the earth, please hear Him when He call, I've seen the Angel Gabriel be past this trumpet, all. Know, only His Sheep, the repented will hear his voice, beware, Apb, we'll be loyal until we ascend. Doing one of these demos I witnessed this cloud (some say wings), just swell bigger and bigger as it filled up of Christ's Righteous. I also witnessed us just parked the heavens, like Holy Lords Themselves, seeing from there, great horrors come upon the planet, so all repentant, I'll certainly see you there. Beware, Apb, The RAM PS, Are you now wondering what it's going to be like there? Of course there is no imagining heaven, though I've tried, and I've been there many times, see here,

Prophecy Links Seen to seeing the word TREASURES all black and blasted, 2016, see the recent, Gatling burg fires, even those affecting Israel, other countries, beware, Apb Now if any man build upon this foundation. Whose Builder and maker is God, See I Cor. 3. see also -Having a ministry now over thirty years old, and thousands of dreams and visions here and past. Well, the first three I ever had, was one with God's Throne's backed into mankind,, as so another, it was that of a burning Church. One burning away all mankind's buildings, and thirdly was this victorious death rider. One clearly commanded to target all the abominations and detestation upon American's lives, lands and churches, ...and churches... for they'd forsaken God, oh, and lest I forget. The visible opening of earth's surface, like a Yellowstone setting to erupt and kill us all, again it just opens up and this bringer of pure mortuary rode upon them so victoriously -Now if any man build upon this foundation, now playing god, they being rebellious of His Righteousness have taken God's format, His foundation and are virtually creating their own version of mankind, Their Genesis, even their own earth. One primary thing that the burning church verified,(see all burning inferno's recently), was that only the foundation laid by Christ and His Holy Apostle, whose builder and maker is Abba Father, need remain, all else dust and wind, whose fan is in Jesus' hand, repent!. -Suddenly I'm reminded of Elohim convincing Moses how he must send him to Egypt, Egypt, then the most extraordinary and powerful Kingdom on the planet. So when Moses inquired who do I say has sent me, Father Elohim answered, "I am, that I am, let no man or magician deceive you, He alone is God. I mean surely you must see this, you must know this. You can't be that far removed from biblical reality, the fear and trembling all through perverted blood alone is gracefully convincing. -I mean though you're greatly deceived along an astronomical rebellion you are yet American so undoubtedly you have heard it over and over. You know, how the last time Lucifer, Fallen Angels and whoring man tried this it was answered by a great deluge come upon the planet and man, come to be known as Noah's Flood, even Noah's Ark. Presently, Elohim again being this angry, this wrathful unto judgment is why Extension Level Event type disasters are right now commanded to kill all parents, pretty much all not covered in the Righteous Blood of the Lamb, Jesus. again I say, Repent! -As I said, disasters enough to suddenly end all life, millions at a time are being staged all over this ruling nation into the world over, with tens, even hundreds of millions looking to die. Possibly a Yellowstone disaster into a Niribu, I know a pale horse type contagion is come, Oct. 2017. Truly, it'll be something hands off. It'll be something these demi-gods can't intervene against or interrupt, happening now, in only months, predestined US soil. -Of course Apostle suggest you all know this because Holy scripture has warn for thousands of years now, how God will not be mocked, get ye to repentant alters warning right how God is avenging the blood of the Martyred," so grim reapers aren't just steadily coming, they are here. Be aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, see

Article.... Please…. start praying for Trump’s Divine protection and for him to be able to finish out his term. You are after all, also praying for the deliverance of children all over the world who are being tortured, raped, and sacrificed to Satan on a daily basis! Please just do it…. get on your knees right now and start praying! Please also do your part and share this post on social media… it is so important for people to pray at this time. Article...
And I Heard In My Hearing, 2017, "yours is a nuclear fate, kill all parents by, finish all schools, (simply all over this world, repent or perish!)!

And I, Apostle Saw and Predicted A Hussein Whitehouse 2003, Some Five Years Prior, Man's Problem, Their Sins Yet Remain, God Can't Hear Your Prayers!

-The vision lately of seeing the glorious descent of Jesus' Millennium replacing the lying murderer men naturally are, never before has it been that all righteous knees, prayers on this planet should be toward Him, toward admonishing Jesus return. All things on this earth wide will be more of the same ruin until we do, hence the cry some years back, and I quote,"smiling faces don't last, wipe Canada from the map."
-One of the most amazing prayers recorded biblically, geared toward one's nation leaders and it's people is Daniel prayer the ninth chapter of his book. Yet and still he's pointing out the fact all have sin, all have forsaken God, even His righteousness. This evidence is why God eventually point out there has to be repentance before deliverance, if mankind regard iniquity in their heart God will not, even cannot hear them, Ps. 51, 66:18, II Chron. 7:14, 15, there is none righteous, pray Trump, all leaders follow end time prediction, repent, get Jesus here.
-This is why Apostle call on all to pound themselves into the dust, this is what Holy Lords said of us, thy guns, bombs and churches/voting booths into repentant alters, and get ye to Jesus Christ, God is not mocked, especially as Americans, the greatest polluters of this world cry peace and safety only to spill more blood. Instead seeing beast tearing through every particle or it's life, wicked worship and treasures, of forgetting God these thousands of years. Now the loud cry, get ye to repentant alters, a righteous wine press is right now targeting tens of millions beginning Us soil, avenging Martyred Blood, remember, return, repent! Apb, The RAM, remember, return, repent!

See Dutchsinse, Youtube channel, Repent 

-This masterful bringer of death I was shown the late nineties, when I witnessed the earth open and witness this death rider emerge onto the scene, it was many years before I realized what this could mean. Of course not the death rider, it was explained he was to come, regardless of Christ's Cross upon the abomination and detestation upon the lives lands and churches of the people. Though witnessing the earth open like that, just this welcome, only when I watched movies like Super volcano, did I lean especially Yellowstone is beneath the earth. -One of the largest of it's kind, whose eruption wouldn't only end America, but would be a catastrophe upon the earth. Like it, believe it or not, it's come Us soil, I been seeing it for twenty years, it's a Yellowstone type disaster that has been predicted to happen by October 2017. Whereas right now, (see dutchsinse youtube channel), every element fro n heaven and earth, with this potential are all showing increased activity right now; a nuclear threat is only the beginning of sorrows, assuredly as there will be a rapture, Trump being a Truexit, there will be an American Exodus, beware, Apb, see here,

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