Monday, May 29, 2017

And The Ten Heads Come, He Shall Remain But A Short Space

     -And I Heard In My Hearing  "get ye to Repentant altars God is avenging blood," (beware of the winepress of God, see thou hurt not the oil and wine), Apb

     -Now The End Begin, Now Is Jesus' Millennium Reign

      -It is the Beast system orchestra​ted not only against America but all nation building since the early prophets the entire world over. It's the Bush Administration setting it up this road to Islamic Jihad, (terrorism), seen awarded Diamond wedding rings; right into Hussein Obama, it's beginning to the end, of it's newest, chaotic Era.
    -Cameron Brexit this final stone of Western Civilization stumbling of Apostle John hearing how five  previous nations had fallen, now all else must decease as well, deeming Trump's this loudest of traviling cry, get out, get out get out!
     -Definately strange.almost as strange as seeing a world outcry that while Hussein was being​ targeted for execution. Inconceivably this worldl far and wide cried for his manner of Hussein/Islamic rule, see people of Jesus' Day choosing s known,  dangerous malefactor over Him. Even right now while the whole of the Us cry for a greater America and Trump projects such the like wall building.
     -Holy Spirits of divine watchers and forth telling of superb accuacy are crying the sky is falling.
obviously targeting all treasured get out of it! I know, I know, you can hear Holy Spirits asking John the Apostle, why do you marvel? As oppose to John's reason unholy men marvel at such end times Revelations, plainly God to Jesus cursed all the more those counting such divine things, foolishness, simply there remain no other salvation.
      -From Elohim, to Jesus to Heavems host and the Righteous Bride yet earthboubd. Those all the more, that's phenomenal who've greatly jeopardized and suffered. Those suffering right now here some 2000 years later, the Christian being gravely targeted it's Jesus' testimonials. To be sincere God promised strong delusions upon this rebellious, that for all their lives they look through a glass darkly, incapable of anything convenient.
      -An example right now science and technology have reached heights beyond histroic dreams, but it's not to matter in s few suddenly they'll lose neRly 200 years of all of it, this is what King Solomon said, if's not the finding your way towards an Almighty God, it's vanity, it's a reaching for the wind thus Jesus' lamenting let no man deceive you, as in all world events leads to the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, always, beware, Apb.
     -The American Dream like all religious to political, to military systems, to world, reign gone before were never of mankind getting they're ducks as ll in a rolll, evrn if do not for elevation, but more like the days of Hitler for extinction then you ask whose?  Then I must admit everybody's. Although from the sexual revolitoon into the LGBTQ and P for Pedohile movement attempt to as the days of Noah.
     -This satanic to demonic ploy to genocide the Genesis man, only like in the days of Moses  They, the rebellious are fallen into their own curse as God, Elohim, call on all Parents, (leaders to supervisors​ positions to be too targeted for the kill. I'm afraid even as they flee and additionally like the days of Moses, only those marked by a certain male Lamb"s Blood will be able to stand the day of God's Wrath.
    -Its mightest crying aloud ceaselessly in my ear, recentlly get ye to Repentant Altars God is avenging Martyred Blood beware. For more see Revelation 17 and 18th chapters, man predestinef to give away to beast and Incalculable death tolls. The most concerning one with American leaders names on it that reached as a funeral reef far beyond the Heavens, Lucifer did brag, who won't to be sitting ducks for this, don't die, live, the dispensation of Christ's Cross very aim. As always, Beware, Apb, The RAM,


Friday, May 19, 2017

There's Something About Weather Alerts, Beware, Great Sorrow

Prophecy Links -There's Somebody About Weather Alerts, Something Always Until Desolation Are Finished, This Way, Cometh -The Tumbling Of Syed Farook, The Terrorist, Bearing Diamond Wedding Rings, A Build Up Of Torture Vehicles Are Come! -I just posed this as a statement to Google, 'when America is no more and Islam rule the world,' clearly when judgments to cataclysms were only the beginning Us soil, all attention then turn to Arabia as it's world leader. I believe not only was pointing out a Cameron pending Brexit to follow Obama's dwindling time table,06/2015 was about Western Civilization decline. Though the Rise Of the United mostly Arab nations, even the ten heads of Daniel, to the Revelations of Apostle John's prophecies, hence us being the generation that will not past away until it's all fulfilled. Surely, indefinitely, only by a thinning thread of a miracle we're still here, where only at the blink of an eye former things are past forever. -When Apostle John was brought to see the great whore that sat on many waters, Mystery America into a revised Mystery Babylon, he was told how five nations had fallen; Nations of which the Prophet Daniel witnessed rise just as he sat under the rule of King of kings Nebuchadnezzar. Continuing, John was told five of these nations had fallen, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo Persia, Grecia and one is, meaning the Roman Empire at that time. I guess you can say Daniel's time table concerning falling crumpling nations stalled or detoured per Christ's cross alone an intermission described as a time, times and a half to here at present, the rise of the Antichrist. There was no way to know this allotment meant it would be over 300 to 500 years before the prophecies of Daniels then sealed, would be unveiled doing God's Revelations, for the time was at hand, and yet another 2000 years into this very hour, we're until total fulfillment. -This is why Apostle say, the prophet Daniel, assisted by the Angel Gabriel, by an incarnate Christ was shown end time fulfillment and was commanded to seal them until the end, and then promised a timely fruition. The Apostle John, Jesus, the heavenly host assisting was shown end time fulfillment and was told to reveal them, for the time was at hand. I, declared an Apostle of Christ, at Christ's appearing,1986, was now from 534 BC, into 2004 AD, by the selfsame Angel Gabriel, as well having been shown the fulfillment right into Jesus walking again among His people. Again I, these world nations at present were told to fulfill. Clearly end time events would no longer be stalled, explaining witnessing the resurrection of the Bride right into the Lamb's Book of life being made a divine roll call into a physically overwhelming census taking. All the phenomena above to again give clarity not only to witness the Bride reigning in heaven, but Jesus glorious millennium descending into made angry rebellious men. -I declare, right this very second, every person that is on this planet that is not after repentant alters of Jesus Christ are in great, darkening error. Great tribulations that are come, the worse ever will not have respect to person, statue, age nor ethnicity, death never has remember, though for many millennia you've heard this, it, death snare men when they least suspect it. Please realize, you're not only looking down the horrid ever barrel of a world without America, America is no more because the dispensation of grace, the allotted times, times and a half having the church age is expired into marriage suppers and Mansions, these unforeseen celebrations with Christ. I know you've heard Jesus describe these days as the days of Noah, while scripture place them as those of Lots, "THE FALL this evil coup against the Genesis man/marriage again and again. These indigestible truths even while Elohim place these judgments that are come, as those double their cataclysmic sentences, so if the pale horse of Christmas night 2001 until 190 months is fulfilled, October 2017, is set to kill a quarter of the earth, imagine double such a lethal toll. No wonder the Holy Spirit sound so desperate 1998, lamenting in my ear and I quote him, "somebody need tell them, (all assemblers), somebody need warn them, get to Churches, Pastors, Messages and Alters of Christ, learn of end time events, for a darkness is coming." With said message only days past now lamenting, "get ye to repentant alters, God is avenging Martyred Blood." Truly, America is fallen for 31 springs, the entire West, tens of millions are missing off the earth, tens of millions dead, tens of millions injured or escaping for their yet damn lives except they get in Jesus Christ, except they realize Trump is a Truexit, escape! Beware, Apb, The RAM, see here,

The Fury That's Come Into God's Face Gog To Be Destroyed, Fowls Summon

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

     -God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day Two Hundred and fifty, 05/20/2017 of the "week," prophecy 08/18/2016, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25/2016, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy 

Prophecy Links, 1986-2016/17

-The Fulfillment Of All Things Is Upon Mankind, The Angel Gabriel 534 BC, 2004, AD, Beware!

-Seen to be seeing a US general hand his horse off to the prophet Jeremiah, citing no contest with biblical 

Jesus Is The Spirit Of Prophecy, All Fulfillment Hath Come!

Daniel spoke, saying, “I saw in my vision by night, and behold, the four winds of heaven were stirring up the Great Sea. And four great beasts came up from the sea, each different from the other. Dan. 7:2-3

Prophecy Links, I Saw Four Nations In A Block, 2002, And Now There Are Three, Apb

     -Seen to be seeing four countries in a block, Asia, America, Russia and Japan 07/27/2002; not only are these the four nations in a tug of nuclear war right now, this was predicated 15 years past. As so was lamented as of a month past how and I quote, "50 millions will die," 2002/ 2017. Evenly so was there further warning, 2003, how an imaginable toll on life, just this outbreak of mortuary was come, the first nation to world conquest now thrown down, Mystery America, the West, beware, delusions are rampant.

The Death Angel, A Sharp Syringe

     -Michael Snyder asked Alex Jones who is Trump listening to? At this time all predestined leaders are being lead about Rev. 17, not only of a cursive delusion but winds and doctrines of devils and demons, even two of the greatest ever which rose 2008, just as Obama. Just as well Michael asked us to pray that WW3 doesn’t happen, only the born again can't pray against bible prophecy; we can only pray as Jesus taught us, that God's Will is done. Certainly, apostle isn't telling you not to pray, only be reminded like the days of King David, II Sam. 24:13, I Chron..24:14, America's days of bloodletting are over, and that a rebellious King David get the message, God killed off 70 thousand of his men, this is why Apostle instead, like it's Christ, cry, repent! Repent  All!.
     -Without controversy, it's equally why in 2003, Bush wars were declared and I quote, “One Error/Era into a New Fear-factor,” meaning an unforeseen for hundreds of miles line upon line of torture vehicles a US General deemed a dirty Mede I witness rise, 2003, (see Jer.37:8, 1998, Dan.7:7, 2017). For now with 70 thousands pending, General McMasters is contemplating sending 500,000 US troops into Syrian soil, surely cursed. As every life they take will come upon America's soil twice the insult to God's Will for these urgent times ever or ever again, wars and rumors right into Jesus' Millennium, (Dan.. 7:13.14.), of which I witness 2016, descend as a Royal Groom adorn unto His Precious Bridegroom, who now hath reign and that for a thousand years..
     -Assuredly as the Apostle Paul did forewarn, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, this is why said enemy were described to the prophet Jeremiah as those literally invincible. Those upon which many wars had been fought, though enduring these incalculable loses as they didn't matter, loses only seem to make them greater. Undoubtedly the terrorist group I witness offered diamond wedding rings especially toward their efforts against the West. Just such of which I heard an interlude of cry lately, 2017, whether they should come and perform mutations? Straightly enough to end all westerners hold dear, right in a witness of an eleven o'clock shopping lunch hour awarded them. That is for as long as this unforeseen idolatry allow their military loved ones to be hunted down, targeted and slaughtered; definitely as of President Trump's campaign slogan and I quote, “make America Great again!” Only not without shedding of blood, theirs. 

-And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever, Revelation 11.

   -Though it wasn't as now this end, being the beginning of His Ministry, Jesus explained how these end time things now arriving His come return said troubles must come to pass. I guess the question should be though praying it's fulfillment these thousands of years do you all trust God's will? The last time God did what was best for the whole world, every kingdom, nation, tongue, tribe and people then and pending. Wonderfully, He gave us the crucifixion, resurrection to ascension of His Only begotten Son now our World's Savior. Unlike a nearing fullness of time, where all the world is concern, Elohim God again, for the betterment of all mankind. He is moved now to usher in Jesus' Millennium only seven years of an ancient timetable upon a final reign of evil, must, is being fulfilled.
-Howbeit, not only into the battle of Armageddon but into the sounding of the seventh angel finally heralding Jesus one thousand year reign of peace on earth, God's Will be done here, indeed. I'm going to say something, and I'll use God dealing with the Prophet Jeremiah encouraging King Zedekiah to seek a peaceful solution with Babylon as the nation, for biblical fulfillment they had been delivered over to him. Irrespective if what I say possibly make some bitter, even why nations are described behind the sounding of the seventh angel as being Angry with God. 
     -Right now only North Korea is performing itself according to bible prophecy, as so Russia, but only as it continue to ally Assad's Syria, meaning China will only find legitimacy here only as it then ally Russia. Meaning there will not be regime change in Syria unless it's predestined and is lead by some other than America, any nation, it's military capability set to safeguard or further the aggressive to lethal nature of America or the West will find themselves as King Zedekiah, wrestling against a wrathful God, beware! Awake, Apb, The RAM, see more here,

Friday, May 12, 2017

And White Robes Where Given unto Them, Until Thy Brethren Suffer Accordingly, Pray Your Escape!

Is Seeing Believing? Not According To The Bible, Blessed Are Those Who Believe Without Seeing, Apb, see here,
-There's Something Mighty On The Planet About Weather Alerts, beware, receiving Weather Alert as a word, 05/17/2017, Apb
-And I Heard In My Hearing, 1998, 2017, "get to repentant alters, God is avenging martyred blood," the wine press of God, targeting US soil, as well on the map), Apb -I believe in Nibiru because a planetary body of it's magnitude and scope, as Apostle John, by God'd revelation was foretold thousands of years ago. Sincerely, it's timing right now is complicit with end time bible fruition, even the stone cut out without hands, (Dan. 2), I witness lately as 2015, had the surface of a meteor. For those who can't bring themselves to believe what they can't see, this mean this faith in bible prophecy in which you say you have is lacking in faithfulness. Which is to mean end times strong delusions cursed upon unbelievers, that they're incapable of seeing or realizing anything even phenomenally tangible is upon you, beware. -Truly pray about that, ask God forgiveness and ask him for the reveal, Apostle told you, they're all come, every manner of making of master disaster, from man, to earth to heaven is upon us with cataclysms unfounded ever or ever again, remember from whence thou art fallen , return and repent. Like the Resurrection Christ, God's Wrath is no longer coming, it's here, it's targeting tens of millions Us soil alone, believe it or not. Blessed are the hearers and doers of end time forth-telling, now is the end come upon all your describable, abominable lives, lands and churches, having forsaken God, repent, Apb, The RAM, see more here,

  Article…Who will be left smiling and who will be left homeless and who will be going to jail? Article… 

Prophecy Links

     Seem to be seeing the word Treasures all black and blasted, this was right before an inferno tour through especially Gatling-burg Tennessee, some of his most historic places. I'm reminded of the Apostle Paul telling the Greeks how they had more gods than people, and like these stone gods, they, Greeks/Westerners, had eyes but no sight, they had ears but they couldn't hear, they had hands that were worthless, their hearts were hollow,

Strong Delusion You Say, That we Believe Lies, You say.?

      -I need to comment on this song, Charlie Wilson's I'm Blessed“ To say this, how all in agreement that they're blessed, well to be sincere you're feeling blessed only because of the dispensation of grace, extended to all men the man in linen Daniel's visitor, see Dan. 12, that we, that they all get saved. Again that they remember, return and repent, only all men , and yes that wold include you, as though God is clueless, live their so called blessed lives as to throw God's grace back at him, these sacrifices of the wicked.

      -This is why just the other day I said, people feel Jesus is fine wherever he is as long as the American Dream stand, that's just it, the timetable given, from the days Daniel had dwindled into the two weeks and seven years granted the Hussein Obama Administration, America, the West this abruptly finish, These surreal truths are made evident for which we hear Jesus say, many shall come to me in that day, yet I will profess I never knew you, you that worked iniquity. Further long it's the Apostle Paul lamenting how there was a time God winked at our ignorance, which is basically America's,the recent evil world crumbling foundation to frustration accursed.
     -As was revealing, ours, as so the back-slidden verses the redeemed definition of blessings that varies, you see I counted myself blessed because God would take away all falsified lives lands and churches now deemed Mystery America; he instead was made to feel blessed as he was now the recipient, of this masterful distraction. This is why Jesus explained to Governor Pilate how His Kingdom wasn't of this world, that we're not to lay treasures upon this earth, Not only would a day come there wouldn't be one stone left upon another, but come so worthless they wouldn't be given away, thus wherever a man lays his treasures there is his sacrificial heart. No, God's throne awaiting the righteous Bride right now, awaited Christ's Jesus ascension then, thus Jesus' promise to prepare alike mansions in heavens for us and if he go to prepare such the extraordinary, then shall he as at present, return, that where He, Blessed Jesus is, shall we, the Bride also be.

Prophecy Links

-As I dozed into a sleep, I witnessed the word, 'NOW', move about like someone was working a puzzle piece until it came to sit beside the word judgment, as in 'Judgment now,' as so did I receive the inscription, well actually I witnessed a hand write the Letters, USDS, (The United States Digital Service), I would be so lying if I told you I knew what these initials meant until right now. With so many warning that the Mark of the beast will be a digital code, it maybe simply what these warnings mean. -As I said, I had a night of dreaming the Antichrist reign just as Trump's inauguration approached, unlike anything I've had since Senator Hussein Obama's bid for the identical world post. Remember, it was just shy of a Pence debate, that I sensed the same fury, God, Himself, described to the Prophet Ezekiel, how a fury would come into his face regarding the rise of Gog and Magog, The two beast of Rev. 17, of which Apostle witness rise, one from land, one from sea, 2008, just as Obama's (America's), pending two weeks and seven year administration, right into Cameron's pending as well Brexit, woe, woe, and woe!, And White Robes Where Given unto Them, Until Thy Brethren Suffer Accordingly, Pray Your Escape! -As I woke from sleep just the other morning I heard the forewarning, "get ye to repentant alters, God is avenging martyred blood," just under twenty years past a similar cry was, "tell them," mass assembler's, to get to repentant alters, pastors, ministers, messages and churches. To equally learn of end times events, a darkness (see Obama's Administration into the Brexit and the come New EU/Ten Heads), (darkness) is coming, (see the purpose of the weigh station, no country, people are exempt), -These heart gripping truths is why February 2015, I received text like messages along side of my prayer bed, all of which were saying and I quote, "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on his way. Again, Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way, Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way, these forewarnings are why Apostle say, Jesus is here, that He's parked the heavens above awaiting a specific nan-o-second as is described, I Cor. 15:51-58, at the speed of the twinkle of ones eye. -A stunning prophetic fulfillment so much so as Americans to Westerners plan their escape from Western occupation; you, well the born again. They may as well be planning what they're to do once in heaven, that's besides the various prophetic celebrations, so what are you going to do once you are there? To be honest, from what's been shown me the day of Jesus' appearing in the heavens spring 1986 into this second at present, we, the Bride are so far removed from this earth, we're participating in the Lamb's Book of life not only being open but being used phenomenally as a divine, as usual prior to surmountable death tolls, a roll call to census taking. -It was days later, I come to realize I'd been given this text like reassurance about the same time as those now well publicized 21 male, Egyptian Coptic Christians. Who were being lead unto a beach by ISIS terrorist and were to denounce Christ or be beheaded, all choosing the later, undoubtedly the beginning to the end of what's soon to come to Tribulation Saints all over this planet, as is prophesied Revelation, the fifth seal, they'll be faced with. Ken Peters is given a dream about end time tribulation where he is soon brought into a surreal performance of what facing this manner of persecution to execution will be like. -In the dream he's facing whether to deny Christ or lose his head, and he is beyond terrified by this decision when Christ come into his presence, reassure him, and I quote him, quoting Christ Jesus, "death can't contain you" (righteous death propulsion the saints into God's Kingdom, crying Abba father). I explained in these post lately, Jesus Christ hath a church that doesn't die, but ascend and no power on earth, above nor beneath it can prevail against them, because they ascend. Now I want you to realize this text message more advanced, how after millions are disappeared from the earth, this surreal come realization is now being twitted, texted and told all through what's possibly left of social networking Jesus is come and the Bride is gone home; now comfort one another accordingly,be aware as God Himself. Apb, The RAM, see also

Article... North Korera Threatening, They Want WW3,

 -This is why Clinton's was a Hilexit, why Bush was declared, "One era/error into a New Fear-factor, why Obama was declared, "The One," and given a timetable of two weeks and seven years," 2008-2015, right into a pending Cameron Brexit, a voice lamenting, and I quote, "it's all about Cameron,"2015. Which is why Russia come to ally Syria's Assad, equally this is to explain the Angel Gabriel appearing and again I quote him, "all things is upon mankind, she's going with the seven angel," 2004, see, Rev. 10, 11 Chapts. 

     -As well this breaking news is why I witnessed the glorious ascension of Jesus' Millennium, following a declared these last fifteen years, this Dunlap street (as in time done lapse. street),  that is Obama/the Maya, meaning we're entering into the final seven years of rebellion ever, and I quote,  For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, (Western Civilization to Modern day Babylon), which reigneth over the kings of the earth. beware, Apb, The RAM, God alone hath reign!   

Monday, May 8, 2017


-And I Heard In My Hearing, 2003, "one error/era into a new fear-factor," (out with the United States, in with the United Arabs), see more here,

-The sounding of the seventh angel, Rev. 11, is the only overall power to stop all wars and rumors into Jesus' Millennium and God's Kingdom Age to follow. This is why just as the Angel Gabriel 2004, forewarn the fulfillment of all things being upon mankind, he also mention the seventh Angel. For when the seven angel shall begin to sound, the kingdoms of men shall become the Kingdoms of God and His Christ, and they shall reign forever, then is come Jesus' one thousand year reign, hallelujah! Amen, Apb, The RAM, -The New European Union, the come ten heads, little horn, and glory to god in the highest, Jesus's Millennium reign, this is all what Apostle John in Supreme's Revelations was predicting, the moment he heard, five are fallen, one is and one(the ten heads), haven't yet come, and when he come he shall remain a little while, approximately 42 months that is. You live, well since this life is cursed, you exist in two worlds, one visibly delusional, that is temporal and one invisible that is eternal, praise God for Jesus Christ. -A stunning example would be, in 2003, while the whole world was being either terrified or liberated regarding Bush wars now of those targeting Saddam, hunting him the Iraqi mountains, it's streets, again this visible world, while in the invisible world, I was trying to figure how it was there was a world outcry for Hussein to reign, I'll say that again, while the only Hussein I, we, knew, was being hunted down or persecution and execution, unimaginably the same was being summoned to come and rule over them, this thing I found really strange to me seeing the only Saddam Hussein I knew would soon be hanging from a deadly noose, by the righteousness of the West, served.
-Although as one would say, don't count your rumored WMD's yet, Elohim God, realizing what He alone has predestined, that for the remaining two weeks and seven years of western civilization. Elohim wasn't only placing a Hussein in the White house but for America's, the West remaining duration he was making him, again, a Hussein.

-I mean just as the people had been crying, Hussein, now the most powerful man on the planet, so for America and the West despite these future votes, post. There would be no escape, well only with one exception, repentant alters to Christ Jesus. This truth is the only thing that's going to explain this witness of Jesus' Glorious Millennium on the premise of a massive lost of life, follow Obama's, like there was no future Trump nor America nor the West, just a thirty-something slow motion exodus come to it's judgment sentence. .


If Left Behind These High Rise Building's

  -If you miss the rapture, no matter what is said if Millions of people disappear, it's Jesus, ok, it's Jesus. It's not aliens, terrorists, or chemicals, I know ridiculous, it is Jesus.

     -He, Jesus did this showing a rebellious world He alone can do this, He alone Is God. Do not take the mark. Do not, they have seven years, and you're​ chosing to live seconds compared to thousands of years to eternity, God's Kingdom Earth, it is ridiculous.
     - I know it's scary, but you're here because you didn't hear Jesus' Call, that's all, sin prevented it. They can only take your life, Holy Spirit's will then deliver you to Christ. Remember how young Stephen died, Acts 7:56, his body succumb to a horrible attack. Though amazingly His spirit, soul was simultaneously ascending to Jesus.
     -The Church Jesus' Build ascends right out of the reach of Satan, Demons, Dark Man, and hell, 'and hell.' This is what Jesus was describing again to women, to Lazarus' Sisters​, John 11, He Is The Resurrection of the dead. Get Jesus! Not just Church, Get Jesus! 
     -Sure enough, am I, Apostle Bradford, telling you how to die? While don't be offended, by those Jesus deem thieves and robbers, even murders from the beginning all your life you been told how to die. Actually how to forfeit this present curse to either by Christ Cross unto eternal life, as God's servant or by rejecting the Cross unto immortal damnation, having honored Satan's Seat. Despite what you have by the American Dream been made to believe, this has always been the world, a curse of death, hence Jesus' warning, he that believeth is condemned already.
     -It's why holy scripture laments the last enemy of man that shall be destroyed is death, all former condemnations past away, actually an indescribable glory accomplished by Christ's Cross but won't experience it's fruition until the Great White Throne Judgment. The great white throne judgment, Rev. is when all the ungodly dead, that's names, even here lately not found written in the Lamb's Book of Life, so like Satan, like the antichrist they're all cast into lakes burning with fire. This mean God's Kingdom, to the Kingdom, New Age is Come, and the present earth and heaven has been phenomenally by exploding atoms been remodeled accordingly, beware.
     -Though God, God so loves the world of mankind, that while they're yet sinners, the Brides' fore-warnings are yet put forth this telling of pending dangers only seconds and counting from the great gathering, beware, nothing but your unrepentance separates you from God's astronomical plan to redeem what He fashioned from the foundation of this world, as is usual, repent or perish, Gabriel readies God's Trump, The Archangel Michael His Voice, and, The Christ Himself, His Call, and with the speed of one blinking an eye up goes the Bride, beware, Apb,

-Our God Is Long-suffering, That None Perish, Why Die, Live!

-Sadly, I've come to the conclusion most people, even supposedly Christians feel Jesus is fine wherever He's at as long as America Stand, Though that's just it, the time of deletion like other world powers have come, it was Dec. 25th 2001, for 190 months, that's 15.10 years.. Then unto cataclysmic events it's own soil, just this outbreak of mortuary, targeting tens of millions, even see from Jeremiah's Lamentations to Apostle John's, Rev. 17, 18th chapters. -As so sadly, like in the days of Noah, Jesus Himself chanted, who is going to believe our report? Jesus is here, 02/17/2015, Holy Spirits told me He was on His way here, thus parked the heavens some scholars say about 6000 miles above the earth, please hear Him when He call, I've seen the Angel Gabriel be past this trumpet, all. Know, only His Sheep, the repented will hear his voice, beware, Apb, we'll be loyal until we ascend. Doing one of these demos I witnessed this cloud (some say wings), just swell bigger and bigger as it filled up of Christ's Righteous. I also witnessed us just parked the heavens, like Holy Lords Themselves, seeing from there, great horrors come upon the planet, so all repentant, I'll certainly see you there. Beware, Apb, The RAM PS, Are you now wondering what it's going to be like there? Of course there is no imagining heaven, though I've tried, and I've been there many times, see here,

Prophecy Links Seen to seeing the word TREASURES all black and blasted, 2016, see the recent, Gatling burg fires, even those affecting Israel, other countries, beware, Apb Now if any man build upon this foundation. Whose Builder and maker is God, See I Cor. 3. see also -Having a ministry now over thirty years old, and thousands of dreams and visions here and past. Well, the first three I ever had, was one with God's Throne's backed into mankind,, as so another, it was that of a burning Church. One burning away all mankind's buildings, and thirdly was this victorious death rider. One clearly commanded to target all the abominations and detestation upon American's lives, lands and churches, ...and churches... for they'd forsaken God, oh, and lest I forget. The visible opening of earth's surface, like a Yellowstone setting to erupt and kill us all, again it just opens up and this bringer of pure mortuary rode upon them so victoriously -Now if any man build upon this foundation, now playing god, they being rebellious of His Righteousness have taken God's format, His foundation and are virtually creating their own version of mankind, Their Genesis, even their own earth. One primary thing that the burning church verified,(see all burning inferno's recently), was that only the foundation laid by Christ and His Holy Apostle, whose builder and maker is Abba Father, need remain, all else dust and wind, whose fan is in Jesus' hand, repent!. -Suddenly I'm reminded of Elohim convincing Moses how he must send him to Egypt, Egypt, then the most extraordinary and powerful Kingdom on the planet. So when Moses inquired who do I say has sent me, Father Elohim answered, "I am, that I am, let no man or magician deceive you, He alone is God. I mean surely you must see this, you must know this. You can't be that far removed from biblical reality, the fear and trembling all through perverted blood alone is gracefully convincing. -I mean though you're greatly deceived along an astronomical rebellion you are yet American so undoubtedly you have heard it over and over. You know, how the last time Lucifer, Fallen Angels and whoring man tried this it was answered by a great deluge come upon the planet and man, come to be known as Noah's Flood, even Noah's Ark. Presently, Elohim again being this angry, this wrathful unto judgment is why Extension Level Event type disasters are right now commanded to kill all parents, pretty much all not covered in the Righteous Blood of the Lamb, Jesus. again I say, Repent! -As I said, disasters enough to suddenly end all life, millions at a time are being staged all over this ruling nation into the world over, with tens, even hundreds of millions looking to die. Possibly a Yellowstone disaster into a Niribu, I know a pale horse type contagion is come, Oct. 2017. Truly, it'll be something hands off. It'll be something these demi-gods can't intervene against or interrupt, happening now, in only months, predestined US soil. -Of course Apostle suggest you all know this because Holy scripture has warn for thousands of years now, how God will not be mocked, get ye to repentant alters warning right how God is avenging the blood of the Martyred," so grim reapers aren't just steadily coming, they are here. Be aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, see

Article.... Please…. start praying for Trump’s Divine protection and for him to be able to finish out his term. You are after all, also praying for the deliverance of children all over the world who are being tortured, raped, and sacrificed to Satan on a daily basis! Please just do it…. get on your knees right now and start praying! Please also do your part and share this post on social media… it is so important for people to pray at this time. Article...
And I Heard In My Hearing, 2017, "yours is a nuclear fate, kill all parents by, finish all schools, (simply all over this world, repent or perish!)!

And I, Apostle Saw and Predicted A Hussein Whitehouse 2003, Some Five Years Prior, Man's Problem, Their Sins Yet Remain, God Can't Hear Your Prayers!

-The vision lately of seeing the glorious descent of Jesus' Millennium replacing the lying murderer men naturally are, never before has it been that all righteous knees, prayers on this planet should be toward Him, toward admonishing Jesus return. All things on this earth wide will be more of the same ruin until we do, hence the cry some years back, and I quote,"smiling faces don't last, wipe Canada from the map."
-One of the most amazing prayers recorded biblically, geared toward one's nation leaders and it's people is Daniel prayer the ninth chapter of his book. Yet and still he's pointing out the fact all have sin, all have forsaken God, even His righteousness. This evidence is why God eventually point out there has to be repentance before deliverance, if mankind regard iniquity in their heart God will not, even cannot hear them, Ps. 51, 66:18, II Chron. 7:14, 15, there is none righteous, pray Trump, all leaders follow end time prediction, repent, get Jesus here.
-This is why Apostle call on all to pound themselves into the dust, this is what Holy Lords said of us, thy guns, bombs and churches/voting booths into repentant alters, and get ye to Jesus Christ, God is not mocked, especially as Americans, the greatest polluters of this world cry peace and safety only to spill more blood. Instead seeing beast tearing through every particle or it's life, wicked worship and treasures, of forgetting God these thousands of years. Now the loud cry, get ye to repentant alters, a righteous wine press is right now targeting tens of millions beginning Us soil, avenging Martyred Blood, remember, return, repent! Apb, The RAM, remember, return, repent!

See Dutchsinse, Youtube channel, Repent 

-This masterful bringer of death I was shown the late nineties, when I witnessed the earth open and witness this death rider emerge onto the scene, it was many years before I realized what this could mean. Of course not the death rider, it was explained he was to come, regardless of Christ's Cross upon the abomination and detestation upon the lives lands and churches of the people. Though witnessing the earth open like that, just this welcome, only when I watched movies like Super volcano, did I lean especially Yellowstone is beneath the earth. -One of the largest of it's kind, whose eruption wouldn't only end America, but would be a catastrophe upon the earth. Like it, believe it or not, it's come Us soil, I been seeing it for twenty years, it's a Yellowstone type disaster that has been predicted to happen by October 2017. Whereas right now, (see dutchsinse youtube channel), every element fro n heaven and earth, with this potential are all showing increased activity right now; a nuclear threat is only the beginning of sorrows, assuredly as there will be a rapture, Trump being a Truexit, there will be an American Exodus, beware, Apb, see here,

Friday, May 5, 2017

Chase The Bobsledder, Something Wicked Is Here

This Geoffrey is why they're called the tribulation saints, whereas most will die for their testimony, they already exist, and even more frightening, they've already by God's throne,this recent census taking, been counted, there are some possibly reading right here.
-John saw them as a number that could not be numbered, I saw them doing this first demonstration of a spring rapture,1986, as a church just as anointed as Christ himself, yes that phenomena. "Be careful Lord I said, lest they take your heart." Don't forget, Holy Spirit visiting personally told me, well us, 2011/12, the Bride's heaven bound intercessory would be for the Tribulation Saints now given over to the Antichrist, again we, the Bride would look down from heaven interceding for them, as has been prophesied, Rev. 13. Why Is Jesus So Important? -When you read this, you'll know how the Spirit truly reassures Itself, I now work day and night persuading people, get saved, don't be left here, the oil and wine will not be touched by those getting to Nuclear war, so the closer they come, the closer we are to rapture, meaning second by second, why doing one demonstration as such missiles felled, we were soaring into the skies above, beware! Apb And The Lord Himself, Taking Us Out Of Nuclear War, I Thess. 4:16-18 Prophecy Link Seen To Be Seeing The Family Dog, Chase, now puling the family car as a bobsledder, from the auto, to the bike, to the sled, something wicked is already here, beware, -I just dreamed whereas I asked my baby sis, Tiny, (Willie), why is Jesus so important? Though I woke before she answered, and never since before the first fall were all souls in such danger. Jesus is the blessed death, though all die. -As so this Jeopardy of Hell's fire, only in Jesus are the dead again made alive, stripping Satan to death to Hell's power. Believe Apostle, this truth has been important since the Genesis, but even more so right this second. -Understand, the born-again Bride as never been so close to Ascension, than this second by second countdown right now. Millions will disappear and you gonna be left wondering, how did you miss it? -You missed it, being taken off planet into amazing celebrations in heaven. It is because of one reason you're left, your life (death immortal), is more important, than serving His, Jesus' (life immortal). Now if you love God repeat this, Jesus forgive my sins, find me worthy to ascend. Amen,. ...stop sinning...Ps.66:18, sin, all unrighteousness prevent you from Him, from Ascension, as you love, share, Apb

-And I Heard In My Hearing, "yours is a nuclear fate," (the long prophesied and anticipated fall of America, The West, On The Map), America, Britain, separate them into itty, bitty pieces, wipe Canada from the map, kill all parents by, finished all schools Apb -Holy spirits did make me realize recently as I'd' by my African Juttah work, doing the late eighties, by the supposedly twenty year extension of grace beginning 1996, into 2012 then evacuated a world of refugees into a New African Paradise, Ethiopia. of course with none believers going into Island African shores like Madagascar, and if you think the 2012 movie wasn't all that original your're right, not even the arks, I pretended them as well. Just as I said, I was only reminded lately, explaining why there's a Miya girl in my dreams lately, one consisting of us left abandoned, even stranded this highway without a driver, seeming the early 40;s, 50;', Cuba, owing a fifty cents tow, so gone into New Africa, that's by the Mayan calendar. -Something I knew nothing about at this pretense of world exodus that was enacted the Genesis Marriage Worshipers by the Mayan 2012 calendar. That this is when like the mysterious Mayan territories, all of western civilization would've been evacuated back then, explaining why America, the West were displayed, even mocked as a slow motion exodus I' been seeing them in since the late eighties. I'm not surprised by this find, only I believe they should've abandoned it all, apostate to abominable lives, lands and churches, by 2012, so right now falling short by five year. Well. -Knowing and believing such the impossible to so many, this, it's why I asked the question only a few days past, even why I thought Obama. African born, as I back then pretended, now the most powerful man in the world more a Moses, than the Anti-Christ. Knowing such a day is come, has been coming for many years I asked lately, well by one of my book characters, Sabertooth asked, how long would it take to evacuate hundreds or millions, I mean they still have until October 2017. Jesus is now descended for His, participating in a divine census taking lately, will you be in that number? Awake, Apb, The RAM, see more here,

Article... The climax of all human history is at hand. All the signs of the last days are converging at the same time. Bible Prophecy is happening right before our eyes and like birth pains, the predicted events are happening more frequently and more intently. Never, in the history throughout the world have so many forces, including economic, scientific, techno-logic, ecologic, cultural, geopolitical, moral, spiritual and religion, converged together to bring this world that’s already teetering over the edge into the abyss, to a point of no return. Jesus said when you see all these signs happening, know that I am near, even at the door. Article...
And I Heard In My Hearing, 1998, 2017, get ye to repent alters, God is avenging Martyred Blood," (see Rev. 6, 5th seal, see God's Wine Press). And The Lord Shall Have Them In Derision www.; -This date Leeland is most curious, seeing it's the same month and year Hussein Obama, declared "the one," timetable of two weeks and seven years, 07/2008, would've expired into the then pending Brexit. You see around this year 06/2015, I was given an additional dream about being captured away, right before boarding this escape vehicle. Soon I heard in my hearing, "it's all about Cameron," since Obama's was ending into a Hussein (Islamic), reign, it eventually made since, America, Britain, even Canada were all commanded 2004, to be separated into itty, bitty pieces. -About a week or so later Cameron and Russia running to ally Assad's Syria would be breaking news and just as soon, Cameron's Brexit, marking the last days of Western Civilization into the Final Week of Daniel also known as Jacob's troubles. Like I tell readers, they, the dispensation of grace (The Church Age, America), and the times of Israel's troubles, cannot, even will not co-exit, one cancels out the other, America, the West must, well is deceasing. -Also curious, after 31 springs of showing me various intervals of the great gathering of Saints, even Jesus Himself. Amazingly this Christ of Resurrection appearing to me Spring 1986 with healing wings, three times commissioning me to come. Just as I was saying, this is the first I was allowed to see written just below the window of the escape vehicle, was the date of September 25th, thus a twentieth date. -Though as I said, no year, this was possibly June 2015, with a timetable, 12/25/2001, of 190 months setting to expire by a manner of an extinction level event by October 2017. All with the greatest sorrows for America, the West ever, I've seen portrayed in many, even a slow motion exodus, just as soon all attention turns to the middle east, the tens heads, the little horn, Magog and Hamon-gog, into Jesus' Second return, beware! Apb, The RAM, see here,

Article... Who are the 144.000 servants of God in the book of recvelation and where do they come from? Article

-What Did I see, 02/14/2015? I saw the Bride now reigning in heaven, I saw that she had in her possession the stone cut out without hands, see Dan. 2. I saw that it had the surface of a meteor, that when she prepared to release it, I heard a voice in my ear lament, and I quote, "this is the Antichrist murderer,"  ...Jesus' Millennium destroying the Antichrist with the brightness of His Coming... beware, Apb,    

Pray God's Will Be Done, For Nearing Is An Invasion Of Peace On Earth  

      -Thank you Geoffrey as well, I heard it taught once that if we would take the bible for exactly what it says, regardless of how incredible there wouldn't be so much confusion. When taken to heaven come into my memories 1993, as I testified I was given over to the prophet Ezekiel, Jesus had seven years prior 1986, come and performed what some have described as a Spring Rapture, prophesied by King Solomon, Chapt. 2. Three times a winged Jesus told me to come, now here it was seeming seven years later and I was made to see, some of what I witness taken off to heaven this stunning spring day. 
    -Not before long I was looking into the face of one I recognized as the Prophet Ezekiel, and just as soon he was bringing me before three specific doors in heaven, One by one he would eventually open them, each door was timed perfectly as the transforming light behind each one had the brightness of the sun. Although I've seen now over a term of 31 springs what was shown doing what only seem a matter of seconds, well the greatest of these revelations. It involved a blessed number, now  come before God's Throne to be prepared these indescribable laborers, washed and cleansed, hands all, stony heart visibly taken out new ones beating Elohim's hand miraculously given, those fantastic hearts of Christ Jesus applied, 
     -I saw when they were touched or marked into their forward this overwhelming anointing right until God became a mouth, a voice right into their ear that spoke. Now though at this time I couldn't hear all that His Ancient did say, I heard him instead commissioned them most of all to be acquainted with His Grieves and sorrows, (His Long Sufferings); none will know you are my disciples, except you show love one for another, Jesus. I've for a few recent years since come to wonder, had I just then witnessed the preparation of this specialty 144,000? Beware, Jesus is now descended to His Own Bride, are you born-again, will you be in this number? Awake, Apb, The RAM

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

And A Child Shall Lead Them, Introducing Minister Caden,

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

     -God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day Two Hundred and Forty-Seven 05/03/2017 of the "week," prophecy 08/18/2016, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25/2016, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy

-Like Watching Noah's Ark, "Mark 17 and 7," like the days of Noah, Jesus, Mat. 24, and there was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, my prayer closet 1993, my people perish, GOH, Apb

-As it is written in the law of Moses, all this evil is come upon us: yet made we not our prayer before the LORD our God, that we might turn from our iniquities, and understand thy truth. Dan. 9:13

How Long O Lord Will Thou Look on? Come Avenged Righteous Blood! Take Up Shield and Buckler And Stand Up For Our Help!

Prophecy Links

-And I Heard In My Hearing, 2002, 2017, "Your's is a Nuclear fate, fifty millions will die," an out break of mortuary on the map, beware, Apb

-And I Heard In My Hearing, "kill all a parents, finish all school, 2016, (see Target, see the transgender bathroom brawls), Apb -

And With The Beast, And End Hath Come, Truexit!

     -I'm watching the TV series, Zoo, I like, P. G. to rated 13, Syfi, it's science fiction, it doesn't matter if they can't get it right. In it's introduction it make the assumption how messing with nature can be catastrophic, will all reading hear please tell especially the fornicators to the lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, (binary), transgender, queer to pedophile movement that. It doesn't matter that their whoring evil to wicked practices have caused the deadliest sexually transmitted black plague ever, and have created hundreds to thousands of new sexually transmitted diseases since, but it doesn't matter like I teach in the work, blood farmers, same sexers cultivating their harvest with human blood instead of natures water, that once a deadly mutant became sexual to blood transferable, all human being are then dead because of it.
     Why you guys think Elohim took out an entire planet of humankind to prevent the mutated genome pathogen  of inter-coursing fallen angels and earth women. when the woman seed, Jesus' Cross was still pending, and now Jesus' wrath. That same Jesus, wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace, to a fountain of youth into the tree of life is all upon His and Elohim's love for the human being. An unspeakable grace that is now threatening  to toss into sick bed all sexual abnormalities, their lovers along the rebellious into the greatest of tribulations ever or ever again, hundreds of million, tens of millions Us soil, won't just die, but hell is enlarging it self for their participation, let me just say it, Elohim is not mocked. God alone is God,

     And A Child Shall Lead Them, Reintroducing Minister Caden, When Your Children  Do as You Do, Why Jesus Threaten To Kill The Children Of Those Unrepentant

     -And I Heard In My Hearing, "get ye to Repentant Alters, God Is Avenging Martyred Blood," 1998, 2017, Rev. 6, 5th seal

-I didn't hear the particulars, only when Caden said to his religious cousins, that's because you serve God with your mouth, but not the heart, hence his nickname, Minister Caden.. Jesus saying, you search the scriptutre, for in them you might find life, was equally telling leaders,you serve lives, lands and churches, tithes, choirs and offerings, all that the death rider 1996, was to terget, but you won't come to me for immortality, what shall it profit, if you lose your soul? God is not mocked by Cain style sacrifices​, rituals and ordinances, just these Churchians, works not of Christ, constantly dying, hell enlarging, remember from whnence thou art fallen, repent or perish, Apb, see Mat. 7:21-23, Rom. 12:1, 2 see

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

And I Heard In My Hearing, An Aquatic Age, Jesus Is Here!

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

     -God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day Two Hundred and forty-five- 05/02/2017 of the "week," prophecy 08/18/2016, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25/2016, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy

-Like Watching Noah's Ark, "Mark 17 and 7," like the days of Noah, Jesus, Mat. 24, and there was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, my prayer closet 1993, my people perish, GOH, Apb

-As it is written in the law of Moses, all this evil is come upon us: yet made we not our prayer before the LORD our God, that we might turn from our iniquities, and understand thy truth. Dan. 9:13

How Long O Lord Will Thou Look on? Come Avenged Righteous Blood! Take Up Shield and Buckler And Stand Up For Our Help!

Prophecy Links

      -And I Heard In My Hearing, 2017, "An Aquatic Age,"  (and I woke from sleep, 2010, lamenting, "we will build an ark,"), Apb, see www,  

Judgment Now! 
   -As I dozed into a sleep, I witnessed the word, 'NOW', move about like someone was working a puzzle piece until it came to sit beside the word judgment, as in 'Judgment now,' as so did I receive the inscription, well actually I witnessed a hand write the Letters, USDS, (The United States Digital Service), I would be so lying if I told you I knew what these initials meant until right now. With so many warning that the Mark of the beast will be a digital code, it maybe simple what these warnings mean.
     -As I said, I had a night of dreaming the Antichrist reign just as Trump's inauguration approached, unlike anything I've had since Senator Hussein Obama's bid for the identical world post. Remember, it was just shy of a Pence debate, that I sensed the same fury, God, Himself, described to the Prophet Ezekiel, how a fury would come into his face regarding the rise of Gog and Magog, The two beast of Rev. 17, of which Apostle witness rise, one from land, one from sea,2008, just as Obama's pending two weeks and seven years administration, right into Cameron's pending as well Brexit, woe, woe, and woe!, Apb

     Article..The experts said to expect an escalation in natural disasters like never before in history, giving way to unpredictable and unusual weather patterns, and what they called “swarms of earthquake activity.” As a result of this activity, the scientists are very concerned about losing critical infrastructure… things like water municipalities are in danger of being lost completely, and that’s just the beginning. Article,

Ken Peters, I saw Tribulation,

      -I know these disasters are like a slow leaking facet, drip, drip drip, that would take forever to do any damage compared to the spoken Catastrophe upon the earth that is come by October 2017. I learn recently, the very date, my car tags are wearing, the very car used in the demonstration of both being taken from the earth. As so into a physical escape, America will be evacuated, there will be an exodus, with or without your belief or participation, horrors pending are yes, that life and soul threatening, Trump's is a Truexit, Escape!.
     -What's happening now, though terrible, was portrayed years past by a beast getting and eating at people while they sat their peace getting porches. Simply meaning, what was forewarn by early Apostle, that when you or any one shall say peace and safety, (The American Pretend), then sudden destruction is come upon them like travail upon woman with child and they shall not escape. I say this, America or western leaders have always solved their problems by making turf wars on others soil, tell me just what is it Holy Spirits are referencing when they portray a US general,
     -One not only telling his men how a build up of torture vehicles, that's been coming Western soil, a disincentive to their relentless abominations, nearly two decades now. Just these readied tortures for as far as the eyes could see, he, Us General described as a dirty Mede, (as in the Medes and Persians, as in the days of Daniel, and terrorist Chaldeans, of some of the deadliest, beast and nations loosed upon this planet, ever or ever again). Though was he seen as well, this general, as one handing his (war) horse off to the Prophet Jeremiah, citing a surrender to end-time prophecy that will not relent to any man but a return Jesus.
     -The same judgment God has set against rebellious men since the days of Noah into the ten plagues of Moses Egypt and double their horrors, this same God. These same judgments, including an outbreak of mortuary commanded to kill all parents by, is right now targeting US soil, crying aloud, claiming some fifty million will die. So much so, there is nothing but to pause a moment and seek forgiveness for your sins into the salvation of your souls. Your prized lives, lands and churches, even apostate alters, that except you give Christ your heart you will perish in this life and your everlasting soul from the Kingdom Age to Come.
     -if Jesus hath reign in only seven years from now, Daniel's Seventieth Week having come, then Jesus' rule for a thousand years. Clearly, right into, how by the Great White Throne judgment, where all the rebellious, the dead are to give an account for unrepentant sin. Whether it's call normalcy bias, or a even a slow motion exodus, you're in a death sparrow, and by Christ's Cross alone you can live and that's forever, this paradise of God. Just as so you can die and that's everyday in a burning hell for the rest of eternity; according to the bible that is. Got Him, got Jesus yet? Awake, Apb, see more here, Vanished,  and here,    

Monday, May 1, 2017

Come, We Will Run After Thee!

Prophecy Links 

     -And I Heard In My Hearing, "get ye to repentant alters, God is now avenging martyred blood," 04/19/2017, (the fulfillment of God's Wine Press, set Itself to end 10's of millions US soil, On The Map). Apb

     I was kneeled, As To Kiss Jesus' Feet, But Full Straight Ahead, To The Mount Of Olivet,

Article, ..., Article

      -I could virtually kiss the person who wrote this article, may God's whole armor be upon them as the regiment of angels all around and through me, that fall day, 2012. This, the telling of truth, I believe the pause in heaven that both John and I experienced is about.
      -It's Jesus explaining to an overly zealous Governor Pilate, Self-dom, Religion and politics their slanders. Still how he, Jesus had come to testify of the truth, know this, God's word alone is truth
    -Now hear this, anything, person, nation, kingdom, LGBTQ and P for pedophile fornicators movements, or fallen angels senselessly climbing up Babel's towers are thieves and robbers. Except the Lord build it, the mortar/martyr being Jesus' blood, it is accursed, one stone cast down upon another, until ascension of the deliverer stone made without hands.
     -Understand apostle, for this single reveal, astronomical celebrations, the Lamb's book, the Marriage Supper, the Seventh Angel, one or the other were brought to a screeching halt. Then a Holy one approached, next I know like Moses and the Burning bush.
     -Only mine is instead this mountain from which there's a sunrise. Only in likeness of the burning Bush it speaks. lamenting, even commanding, still as in the days of Moses, message to world ruling Pharaohs "let my people go, referencing the great whore of religion ruling mass assembly by a weighty talent, Mystery America.
     -In John's day, 92 AD, five world reaching nations had already fallen, one existed. That upon the Roman Empire being obliterated into world nations, Kingdoms and congloments King Nebuchadnezzar witness crash and crumble to dust and wind. As so was the faith  of recent Nation building, as a huge container that crushed Saddam Hussein, and declared him injured, that he wouldn't recover, meant until that yet pending as the final week of Daniel, right now replacing or out facing the dispensation of Grace.
     -There is only one world system, whose builder and maker is God, and to those who're about to perish by the tens of millions, not only does a death render dawn but a horse of hades seeing the rebellious to their fiery, even final destination rides with him. As I said, there's only one foundation laid, that's of Christ and his holy Apostles​, beware all how you build thereupon.
     -Let me say this the world system Elohim had for me is not the self governing rule of them being ignorant, or simply harden at Gods righteousness. A wicked practice Holy Spirit suggested be pound into the dust: though intesd head on into Obama's two weeks and seven years timetable  doing which the two beast, one from land, one from sea time did come.
     -Formibably those who're to coerion and possess some into Anti-christ, the false prophet, did as well rise. Such fulfillment soared into completion just as incorrigible American went to and fro about their abominable lives, lands and churches. Such is the fulfillment​, the dispensation of grace allowing the last two hundred to two thousand years of this now technical age amidst historic transgressions.
     ,-That clearly, as you worship pleasures, this mammoth distraction, the Bride is being taken. The before you realized, people are going to be dropping like flies, this epidemic before you know it. I received another word, 05/01/2017, an allottment of time, a voice lamenting "twenty-four hours," I'm the dark, this could be its estimated timable.
     -Still, stand alert, its all pending right into US to the world's​ Transgressing soil, Damater, the Yellowstones. As so the Nibiru's, the plagues, the Asians, the Russians, the Chaldeans. Surely the, and lest we forget, the mark of the beast, into the Adam/atom. I know what you're​ thinking, that's just everything advocates of population control could ever wish for. Only, as such was Gabriel's forewarning, once Daniels Seventh Week is finished.
     -Hesitating not, the Seventh Angel shall begin to sound, the Kingdoms of men, shall become the Kingdoms of God and His Anointed, Christ; the blessed sight of seeing Jesus Millennium in all of it's glory, miraculously ousting a dead and damning falsehood​ of a Hussein (an Islamic) reign. Joy to the world, and His Name shall be called, the Everlasting Father, beware, Apb, The RAM, see more here,