Tuesday, October 17, 2017

And I Heard In My Hearing As The Days Of Moses, Let my People Go!

     -Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest, 10/17/2017

     -All Hail To The Bride Now Reigning In Heaven, Readying The Specialty Stone, The Antichrist Murderer

     -Listening To: Selah, "Lord I Trust You," https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAaYufpl6qc

     -May Your Flight (Exit), Be Not In The Winter, Nor On The Sabbath Day, (Holy/Holiday) Escape, Escape, Escape! www.invasionofpeace2017.blogspot.com

     -Again I Say, Beware All West Of The Mid-Atlantic, Whose Kingdom, Marriage Supper, Mansions And Treasures Are All Stored Up In Heaven, Apb

Prophecy Link 

     -Seem be in phenomenon celebrations in the heaven, seen have a holy lord approach me, announce, he want to see you, and I said, who, and he said him, next I know I’m standing before a mountain in heaven, from which a brightness like the sun emerges only as the days of Moses it speak, “let my people go,” (Moses God given command to world leader Egypt’s Pharaoh, was that God’s people be released into worship and burnt offerings, the cry here lately, is that all get to repentant altars, God is avenging martyred blood,” as in no unrepentant flesh will stand, none. Apb, www.2016onewayprayer.blogspot.com

     And There Was Silence In Heaven, About The Space Of Half An Hour, (My Prayer Closet, 1993, I found a God Weeping Uncontrollably, That His People where Being Stripped Of Christ Jesus, He Would In Return Strip Their Leaders), www.2015jesuscomeknocking.blogspot.com

     -Revealing that Obama was the Antichrist, for one, Western rule and the Antichrist reign will not co-exist, it’s like saying Jesus will set up His Kingdom in American soil, not only will America be depleted by then, this is not biblical. It, western rule, America, Britain and Canada, as the days of the Mayans, even of Atlantis, just to name a few are being removed from the planet Doing this prophetic season for this prophetic reason, explaining all these various, never seen before, never again cataclysmic shifting of anomalies. Obama administration was a prelude to the Antichrist rule, this is why we witnessed those two beast of revelation rise, one from land, one from sea but go further into prediction until an end time, This timetable dating back to the days of prophet Daniel, it’s 12th chapter, and Apostle John’s, Revelation, 10th  a timetable both announced, and upon it’s fulfillment recanted, as declared both times by a host of heaven, swearing upon the Ancient of days, Throne.
     -The dispensation of grace done, the church age done, Western Rule, America done, and if by now you’re thinking the great day of God’s wrath, wine press, reapers are all targeting US soil, and no flesh shall stand, you are the great whore, Rev. 17, bearing a cup of martyred blood, correct. Onward further to explain the command that all parents be killed, that all schools be finished, why Apostle told AMTV Chris, you all are looking for the enemy in all the wrong, places, if God is against you, as to cast a fury at Trump’s campaign, there are none to stand with you, you are repentance and escape. This is the great seizure of America, of Western Rule this world, it’s why you have Godzilla style cataclysms constantly pending, staged at or around every angel of western rule continuance, even the cry, this harrowing reminder, that you cried America be great again, come instead the reminder, “yours is a nuclear fate.” Additionally, proving as the days of Bush wars and now a nuclear Trump that God and biblical fulfillment and not America’s falsified axis of evil, God alone is God.
     -As with God being God, as with Obama’s, until two weeks and seven years be fulfilled, the Islamic into the Antichrist rule, both of which has come, awarded 42 months each, meaning prophetically, seven years exactly, oppose to Obama’s Administration which until again two weeks and seven years were finished, then like now is come the two beast of Revelation 13, meaning the Antichrist cabinet is come just as America’s Donald Trump’s. This is why just as he took office, it was announced, additionally as 2002, (see Dan. 7), and those four continents to nations shown in a block, a pending tug of nuclear war, Asia, America, Japan and Russia, that “fifty million would die.” Be very aware, there are death tolls pending only days from now, Trump’s administration or simply western rule that’s to reach far beyond the heavens with its astonishing calculations, So be equally careful as you all salute any of his, or westerners  war efforts, Trump’s as the days of Moses’ Pharaoh, Only a million times it’s troubles, is that of great judgment of it’s blood guilt right into a command from God, Himself, that he release American’s, even westerners along a Southeastern exodus, seen to be as mandatory as the Brie’s escape.
     -Whereas Obama is likely, prayerfully more of Moses’ fate, born an African, Islamic to black American, and in 2008, declared “the one,” just before he is made a world ruler over both his enemies and fellowman. Now seeming to have the continent of Africa in his grasp, the very continent where Apostle’s prophetic parables have been evacuating this world-war of refugees these thirty-one springs. Unbeknownst of the Mayan Calendar, 1996, still their sixteen years later, class of 2012, Unthinkably, when Holy Spirits declared Senator Barack Hussein Obama the one, where they referencing he, as a soon to be world leader, acting now as American refugees deliverer per Jesus’ astonishing Millennium, I Apostle witnessed, 2016, descend into his, into Obama’s world rule? The Bride is already in heaven readying the specialty stone having the surface of a meteor, declared the Antichrist murderer. A sunlight of God from behind a mountain in heaven hath commanded as the days of Moses, that all nation building, “let His People Go!” apparently into exodus of Westerners this world.
     -A roll call to a census taking, as the days of prophets Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel, while the Lamb’s book of life was open, has been mightily performed, there are commanded reapers, bearing sword-like syringes targeting all procrastinating America’s come Moses’ day exodus. Possibly why overdoes, witnessed as that outbreak leaving nothing of America, but a magnetic manner of memorabilia one is to hang on the refrigerator Just as overdoes, are declared the number killer of persons, of parents, under fifty years, Whereas only hours ago, just another indication that per our procrastinating Christ Cross into exodus not only is just our grands, but our children are in the most danger. Possibly explaining the day out at the park, this mayday only with the Clinton's, know, the funeral reef I witnessed tear into the heavens above, didn’t just have Trump’s fifty millions on it, but western leaders period, those yet planning the bloodletting of God’s people instead how best to evacuate the hundreds of millions as targets of God’s wine press.

     -America’s Come D-day, A Nuclear Kim, Yellowstone, Taking Eclipse 2017 Trajectory, To Earthquakes, To Noah (NOAA’s), Cousins http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2017/10/earthquake-new-madrid-fault-earthquake-warning-18-22-october-2017-and-another-heads-up-re-mississippi-river-videos-3562932.html
    -Yellowstone, Red Alert, http://beforeitsnews.com/conspiracy-theories/2017/10/yellowstone-alert-code-red-massive-crack-in-earth-discovered-at-super-volcano-must-see-2484159.html

      -I was in a dream just now, (see Eze. 5), just as I seconds ago found this article, whereas an earthquake rattled, and moved the earth under our feet, even just ahead of us as my Memphis grands of procrastinating parents and I stampede into an escape as forewarn and forewarn only now tens of millions dead, too late. The same grand I witnessed being buried alive by grandparents before the Haitian quake, the same grand I witnessed swimming with the fishes before this outbreak of monster hurricanes. Those identical graduating tassels I witnessed used as toe tags for the dead before car accidents were declared the number one killer of teens.
     -Now an endangered species themselves, transgender restrooms brawls to great innovations, (AI, Micro-chipping the Genesis human being) all to genocide future generations. So now, the same grand, herein as one is to take special note, the worse of eruptions to earthquakes are upon us, why I been warning all those west of the mid-Atlantic, That they're to be aware, a three headed to four, 2x’s Godzilla monster, the West Pacific is come, get it, get Jesus and get out of it, and may God bless your American, to Western Rule Southeast exodus, Apb, The Ram, see entire blog here, http://whathappentobabyjesus.blogspot.com/2017/10/and-i-heard-in-my-hearing-as-days-of.html see more here, http://missionbutterfly17.blogspot.com/2017/10/early-to-mighty-fields-are-white.html   

      -And I Heard In My Hearing, 2017, “99 Bowls Of Molten Lava, and only days past, Noah’s (NOAA’s) Cousin, seen innovative technology in the sink as this wash, (see Rev. 6, 6th seal, 16/17/18th chapters), Apb, www.thephoenix1012.blogspot.com

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hey nephew,  the Genesis of creation would've been disproven ages ago if man had found a cure for sickness, disease and death. Disprove the curse of the Genesis, disprove the entire bible, I give you Paul Walker for an example.
     -Man is fixing to launch the greatest technologies ever this world, AI and Microchipping the human being, this flirting with disaster. Still no cure for death and dying that has claimed billions, that will nephew claim billions more. All men are snared, all are dead men walking because of this curse of God, doing the Genesis, ALL.
     Thankfully where Jesus is the cure, because God Himself hath promised and made Him. He is rest from all troubles, America's mission impossible, he is a heart of contentment, that means to a blessed end and beginning. Man's problem with Jesus, they don't want to live Holy, they do church but not Jesus, they love their worldly lifestyles. Auntee, Apb, see www.2016onewayprayer.blogspot.com

Remember Disobedience To Procrastination Is Death, The First Lesson Ever Taught Us

     -Remember Disobedience to Procrastination is Death It's The First Lesson Taught, Obey God/Jesus Or Die, Even Why We, ALL MEN, Are A Future Mortuary, Beware

 -First Chris, the kneel only to Jesus T-Shirts are good, with one thing missing. also only pledge your allegiance to Him, to Jesus, don't be deceived Like I told you all lately, if you don't like Trump's NFL decision, then do what he should do reign. Also repent and escape all relations to Western Rule, God's wine press and reapers under his command are all targeting you, a purported fifty million to die, including, any D-day now, US soil beware all west of the Mid-Atlantic.
     -I literally laughed when you mocked, Bush's axis of evil, saying the axis off evil  is in the heart, its what I meant when I told Chris we're searching for the enemy in all the wrong places. Find you a mirror, spin around three times, sorta like a dog chasing it's tail,  chanting, who is the axis of evil? Upon it's third spin that mirror will tell you, you are, then death, judgment and hell except you  repent, get it, get Jesus and get out of it! Apb, The RAM, see here, http://missionbutterfly17.blogspot.com/2017/10/early-to-mighty-fields-are-white.html

PS. Raise Your Hands If You Knew America Would End, Raise Your Other Hand If You Ever  Prayed Like The Days  Of September 11 2001, God's Kingdom Come, now thank God for knowing this liberating truth and pray, repent, accordingly, Apb

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

-Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest 10/10/2017,
     -All Hail To The Bride Now Reigning In Heaven Readying The Antichrist Murderer, (Dan. 4, Rev. 11),
     -The Run Before The Storm, As The Days Of Noah, Get Out Of Western Territories Now Is Come , Noah’ (NOAAs) Cousin…

     -The Second Coming Of Christ, The Nail In Their Coffin, Their Lives, Lands and Churches, Their Nation Building Is Heard No More At All In Them, www.layasiege2016.blogspot.com

     -Beware, Great, Even Territorial Monsters In Your Lives, Lands And Churches, In Your Homes As Innocent House Pets, Again Apostle Say, Beware!

     As The D-day Of Moses’ Egypt, Pharaoh And they Shall Know I Am God, Come Out Of Them My People, Plagued By God’s Wine Press They’re As Good As Dissolved!

     -Heavenly Father asked by way of The Palmist, “why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?” Then reassured His Son of Sunlights and Healing Wings/Leaves, if He ask Him, He’ll give Him the heathen for His, for Our Inheritance, then I witnessed, 2016, Jesus Millennium descend right into them. Jesus accused Jerusalem of stoning the prophets and killing those sent after them, He explained to the forbidden woman, Jacob’s well. It is that the time had come, these vast innovations. Those of assembling masses of God’s people, would be of little or no service, seeing the heart that worships God, that God seeks after, would do so in truth and spirit. Please exit here, see the two greatest of commandments (forgiveness), into Apostle Paul’s plea, Luke 10:27; Rom. 12:1, 2. Speaking of the Apostle Paul, he explains it best, when he describes the man now crucified with Christ, no longer living but dead and risen with Christ, as Christ Jesus, himself, now Christian.
    -It is clearly what Jesus meant, when He declared, upon this rock I will build my church and not even the gates of Hell will prevail, it’s Apostle’s reminder, like young Stephen, Christians don’t die, they ascend, said, Jesus is here. The come Revelation of Holy Spirits speaking directly to and revealing Himself by way of Jesus’ disciples, out forever with the doctrines of devils and demons, out with western civilization. The second return of Jesus totally and completely fulfills the sounding of the seventh angel, just as King of king Nebuchadnezzar did witnessed, all world powerful. All demolished by a stone come down from heaven, then the apostate church, of martyred blood laundering is heard no more at in them. The mightiest of demons to religious politics are angry, the Bride's escape, Jesus come is the ultimate nail in their coffin, come is the valley of Haman Gog, come is the Lamb’s book of life, come is judgement and hell, get it, get Jesus and get out of it, Apb, The RAM, see www.2016onewayprayer.blogspot.com

PS, Remember, "fifty million will die,"  then this exodus America's Southeast, If you love, share with your American President! Apb,

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Urgent, US, Citizens being warn to prepare for nuclear war!https://youtu.be/3_W7unipyw4

Woe, Woe, Woe, cried Heaven' s host,

Woe to all those America's D-DAY come, West of the Mid-Atlantic primed to produce historic death tolls US soil, as seen and predicted these 31 springs,
The Run Before The Storm www.2015jesuscomeknocking.blogspot.com -As The Days Of Moses' Pharaoh and Jeremiah's/Ezekiel's King Zedekiah, It Is A Blessing, Everything Come Out of His/Westerner's Leaders Mouth, Is A Run Signal, http://www.foxnews.com/…/calm-before-storm-trump-remark-spa… -And I Heard In My Hearing, "I have a bear in 120 counties/Countries," the end of world government is here, God Blessed the Seventh Angel -Why doeth The World System Mystery Sit So Solitary That Was Once Full Of Kingdoms, Nations, Tribes, Tongues And People? Jesus' Millennium Reign “Fifty million will die,” 2002, said the four nations to continents in a block, Asia, America, Japan and Russia, “fifty million will die,” cried also Trump’s 2017, inauguration, as so a funeral reef, Nov. 4th date. As to calculate westernized death tolls tearing into the heavens above, thus since come America’s D-day October, 2017, I, Apostle is warning. It is that all those West of the Mid-Atlantic beware aware, remember although so obvious, Jesus warn, although we’d been forewarn, still as the days of Noah, (NOAA’s) cousin, we wouldn’t see.
-Even we wouldn’t know until many are taken out by such cataclysms, that the worse that' to happen has happen, a nuclear Kim and company, a Yellowstone eruption, a Nibiru/Carrington or here lately, a Noah (NOAA’s) cousin, all those approaching, pending extinction levels and no flesh ill stand,, now we see them, now we can't, beware, Apb, The RAM

    Seven Whole Days To Ten, An End Hath Come

     -dutchsinse prediction, Apostle's 99 bowls of Molten Lava, even that all schools be finished, (see school fall break), is not a miss, see Rev. 2:10, be, stay alert you guys. The Intrepid dream timetable, America's D-day, Come, The West Pacific, By Something Described Lately As A Noah's Cousin, Is Dec. 25th 2001 Until 190 months, Oct.7th/10th 2017, this is not a miss! Beware, Apb, www.thejuttahseptennial15.blogspot.com

    -Seen To Be Seeing, 09/27/2017, That It Is Into The Sink, This Wash With Modern Technology, That Cataclysmic, Finishing 190 Years Of It Into Islamic/Antichrist World Rule, see more here,

Seven Whole Days, Not A Word From You, Seven Whole Days, I’m About To Be Though, www.2015jesuscomeknocking.blogspot.com

-Pastor, of course you know, I call it the 'Run before the Storm,' as is come not only America's D-day,  but it's as the days of Moses, America's exodus. Even while Clinton, Bush, Obama where in office, I told American's every time western leaders open their mouth prepare for someone's holocaust. Only presently, as the days of Moses Pharaoh, this come reaping of blood guilt sown, it's here, it's US soil, the very witnessed of the funeral reef.
     -The cataclysmic soaring into the heavens this toll on human life, as all felled victims to Western Rule's bloodletting, herein whatever they threaten is come upon them, upon you double, beware all West of the Mid-Atlantic, primed any day now, to produce, a 3 headed, 2x's Godzilla monster, again Apostle say, beware! Apb, see here, Rev. 6:12-27, see also www.thephoenix1012.blogspot.com   

    -I warn a couple days past, come America's D-day, October 2017, all those West of the Mid-Atlantic, primed as has been predicted. That's by Prophets, Scientist and prognosticators great and small, a literally portrayed by Apostles dreams, through the heavens cataclysmic toll on human life; of a funeral reef, and I head in my hearing, "fifty million will die, " even Trumps inauguration!
     -I, Apostle, want you to remember, Jesus warn even after plenty years of forewarning, still taken unaware, men wouldn't see this catastrophe this nation, this world now come, a nuclear Kim and Company. A Yellowstone Eruption, A Nibiru to a recent Noah (NOAA's), cousin and the Bride escaping simultaneously, though we been warn and warn and warn, now we see these
 life to earth enders, now we don't, beware as always, Apb, The RAM   

     -I warn a couple days past, come America's D-day, October 2017, all those West of the Mid-Atlantic, primed as has been predicted. That's by Prophets, Scientist and prognosticators great and small, a literally portrayed by Apostles dreams, through the heavens cataclysmic toll on human life; of a funeral reef, and I head in my hearing, "fifty million will die, " even Trumps inauguration!
     -I, Apostle, want you to remember, Jesus warn even after plenty years of forewarning, still taken unaware, men wouldn't see this catastrophe this nation, this world now come, a nuclear Kim and Company. A Yellowstone Eruption, A Nibiru to a recent Noah (NOAA's), cousin and the Bride escaping simultaneously, though we been warn and warn and warn, now we see these
 life to earth enders, now we don't, beware as always, Apb, The RAM     


Saturday, October 7, 2017

Let no man deceive you, this is the run, before the storm, it is the abomination of desolations. This witness of carnavore  Beast in your pulpits/churches, your Government/homes, your stock and money markets. That mighty evil to wickedness  of WhoredomJesus warn that we  flee,. It is Holy Spirits doing  the escape to Heaven/Georgia dream,  being this blessed lead. Beware the come D-d of America, beware all West of the Mid-Atlantic, again Apostle, say , Beware! Apb, www.whatifdday2014.blogspot.com

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

And Whosoever Was Not Found Written In The Book Of Life Was Cast Into The Lake Of Fire

     -America's Blood Guiltiness, Cataclysmic Sentence 2001-2017, Now, Do

     -All Hail To The Bride Reigning In Heaven, Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest), 10/03/2017, www.2016onewayprayer.blogspot.com

     -Listening To: Selah, More And More. Lord I Trust You
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bpQqkCF__I here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAaYufpl6qc

Prophecy Links

     -Seen To Be Seeing 06/2017, the word "Now," decorated as this blinking light of caution, as so days prior, the word "Now," fixed into the forewarning, "Judgement Now!"

    -As The Days Of Election 2016, Pound self into the dust, your guns, bombs and voting booths into altars of Christ and get ye to Jesus, This Truexit, God’s Trump Jesus, or America’s Exodus, Trump, Beware! Come Out Of Her My People, Cry Elohim’s Revelation, These Thousands Of Years, As The Days Of Noah Cried The Son of All sons, What’s More Simple Than That?

     And Whosoever Was Not Found Written In The Book Of Life Was Cast Into The Lake Of Fire. Apostle John, Revelation. 20

     -What did I see? I, as Apostle John, saw that the Lamb’s Book of life was open -All Hail To The Bride Reigning In Heaven, Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest), 10/03/2017, www.2016onewayprayer.blogspot.com

     -I saw that when this blessed scroll of primitive evidence was revealed; so come the time to expose one by one it’s nominated contents, come was it’s long anticipated roll call. I saw that when each individual designation was summoned, this sheep hearing its shepherd’s voice, alleged distinctiveness rose as of these prehistoric pages, into the view of the myriad in participation. I saw that when said engraving now the sheer awareness of all that’s godly contributing would float, fitter and fade away into the infinite, endless enterprise of heaven’s mansions. I saw, I heard, then there’s this continuous hymnal, “we exalt thee,” our heart, spirits our blessed, blessed souls, even He, His Jesus’ blood, right into His others, this ledger of legend, a hallowed commission, so physically to brilliantly, overwhelming, again Apostle say, halleluiah!  
     -I witnessed that when all into endlessness now comprised of its newest heirs, collectively, this host of heaven, that it wasn’t just an orientation along the come rule of this Ancient of Days. I witnessed as well, that performed was a divine as the days of old, laws, prophets into the religious/political nails, wounds bruising his feet, hands, his heart, this taking of census. His now crying aloud, “ask me and I will give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, kiss this son now, right now! I saw that it is that no longer would the righteous suffer with the unrighteous, no longer would rebellious flesh stand this world rule, I saw that crying let my people go, was the Mountain, the Sunlight, His Throne, God is reaping martyred blood. I saw that hell hath enlarged itself, I saw that no man unrepentant was exempt, I saw that it is alone to repent or perish, I saw that it is alone, is to repent or perish. Apb, The RAM, See Rev. 20, also see, here www.2016onewayprayer.blogspot.com, www.repentnow2011.blogspot.com www.2015jesuscomeknocking.blogspot.com www.andachildhallleadthem16.blogspot.com

All Elephants, Noah's Ark, Cousins And Little Miya Girls, All Churchians, Politicians to Sandians, Let My People Go!

     -America's Blood Guiltiness, Cataclysmic Sentence 2001-2017, Now, Do

      -Seen To Be Seeing, 09/27/2017, That It Is Into The Sink, This Wash With Modern Technology, That Cataclysmic, Finishing 190 Years Of It Into Islamic/Antichrist World Rule, see more here,

     -Seven Whole Days, Not A Word From You, Seven Whole Days, I’m About To Be Through, www.2015jesuscomeknocking.blogspot.com

 I’m  Keeping You Here,  Yet The Window Is Open,  I’m Keeping You Near Me, Yet The Drapes Are Blowing And I Just Know It.

                                                      Scene XXXVI

     -Just think Lecia, in a couple of hours we'll all be in Aqua to Heir Juttah paradise, what is that, why you keep reading that? Ah, you sure Mavy you want to know? With the Aqua Juttah tech, we can use our phones again, okay I know that, so I was reading this, ah, my best friend Avi, grandma had this habit of texting us whatever she texted her. Now this was like days before what they now call D-day, it's really, really harrowing okay Lecia, breath, wipe, blow your nose, swallow your heart back down, all, I been warn. 
     -It began like they're already in a conversation, {{{"yeah, I know, Blanch too, I think Josey them suppose to come. And just in time, a missile impact, to a 9 plus earthquake, meaning a Yellowstone eruption, even to something described lately as a Noah's (NOAA'S) cousin. As in earth ending Avielle, from above, something else your granddaddy warn, all Avi the West Pacific, but it will spread in land as far as the Mid-Atlantic, taking what I described as the Eclipse 2017 trajectory.}}}

     "My Christ is God, you got to be freaking kidding, me, no, Mavis, I'm, look at the date, okay, okay, let me catch my breath, okay, before I read the rest, let me catch"

   {{{-Unbelievable? Just remember why I wanted you out of the military and why I tried to convince you to stay in Georgia. That its where your grand father, this Jesus Husband in my dreams before he died, evacuated us all to, and where Grace's mom's death afforded us to do. That's Avi exactly two years to the month and day of granddaddy's dream. Take a few sick days, come, nothing happens, what's the lost? If not, like I told your uncle James, find your heart, knees to Jesus like never before, like Avi, never before, hold on, stand! Love... Grandma}}}...

     -I think I'm gonna be sick? Shhhh I got you, I got you, who was that? Who was this Avielle's granny? Maaseiah, Sia Juttah, what the hell you say? Okay, no, you can let me go, I need some, please tell you didn't send me that text, I didn't, you didn't, you didn't, why the hell not? I didn't because I didn't want to get cursed out, okay, didn't want you Mavy like not, biting my freaking head off. Tens of millions Felicia, that's all I'm saying, don't Mavis you mean tens of millions who like the days of Noah, of the prophets, of Jerusalem wouldn't listen, churchians, sandians and Normalcians Maaseiah begin to call them, ah, us. I didn't have to tell you nor anyone, she did it for thirty-one springs, you hear me, for thirty-one years, okay, okay let me think, let me.
     "This Avi, where pray tell is she? Missing, missing Lecia, as in gone skyward with Jesus or missing as in the three headed, 2x's a Godzilla monster? Where the hell did you hear that? You're kidding, right? It's all around this camp, the camp fires, 99 bowls of molten lava to ring about the Godzilla monster, ring around the Godzilla monster? Ah god, that would be funny it wasn't so tragic, feel better"? Seeing she's to ease into a seat, gradually sip her water bottle, a look across the beach into all those paradisaical ships, waving, blue and white, holiness of the Lord flags, just welcoming them right in. "I bet Lecia she's the reason they'll all here, many think so, yes, I'm sorry I flipped, well, I tried to warn you. You know what that mean, she like Noah knew millions of millions of people were about to die and she couldn't alert not a one, including her own damn family, including Lecia, her own, damn family." Why speak in parables, for they say teh Lord seeth us not, the Lord us ascended from the earth."

     ...Attention All Elephants, Noah's Ark, Cousins And Little Miya Girls, All Churchians, Politicians  to Sandians, Let My People Go!

     -Besides the first sight of her, before she was born, even before I knew of her conception, standing at the edge, the foot of my bed. My come Amirah Jordon, her Mom's, Miya, this would only be the first one of now three to four additional dreams of what I've come to turn, 'the little Miya girl,' in our escape vehicles. One dream, years past, was as we as a family, we were making an entry the expressway, and she, the little Miya girl seem to run along failing to catch up. As so another, was finding her as both President and First Lady Obama, once lost, on dunlap street, (as in time done lapse). It make sense, Miya is now the age I was when I lived on Dunlap street, the catalyst of the RAM's Ministry. That most recent, was as she and I were making a right turn right off of St. Elmo street, St. Elmo street represent dreams from the death rider vision to visitations from heaven regarding America's economic collapse, it's end.
     -Horridly, vividly, another, easily a day of Apocalypse, nothing more than this waking to the worse that's to happen, stranded the middle of one way traffic.The inbound lane, completely vacant, the outbound lane, sorely visited. Only, Miya and I were sitting a passenger in a car, where so apparent was this disappeared driver, soon arriving us both a toll booth of an exit, a levy totaling exactly fifty cents. Just as concerning, there's something else, it all had the feel and feelings of the fifties or earlier era, Cuba. Including the automobile we were driving, only right now, with us both, the Miya girl and no doubt what's left of Western rule. Of those searching frantically for a toll, that was only two quarters, peddling after paying this minuscule weight, right into this crossover, I then woke.

     -We've been warn about the end of the world, since the fall of Adam in Eden's garden right into the Resurrection of the Adam, Gethsemane's Garden, now for these thousands of years, yet the little Miya Girl revealed, is this heart gripping to mind boggling, just this incorrigible, unaware, still. Apb, The RAM,

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

-America's Blood Guiltiness, Cataclysmic Sentence 2001-2017, Now, Do https://youtu.be/IkXSOB9Q3d8 -Thank God, Pastor Breaker The Bride Taken In A Flash, We Have The Signs, And Know The Month and The Year, We Know, Jesus Is Here, The Bride, This Nano Second Away From Marriage Supper And Mansions In Heaven. All Hail To The Bride Now Reigning In Heaven, Readying The Stone Cut Out Without Hands, Hallelujah I, Apostle Say...Stay/Stand Your Ready! Seven Whole Days To Ten, An End Hath Come -dutchsinse prediction, Apostle's 99 bowls of Molten Lava, even that all schools be finished, (see school fall break), is not a miss, see Rev. 2:10, be, stay alert you guys. The Intrepid dream timetable, America's D-day, Come, The West Pacific, By Something Described Lately As A Noah's Cousin, Is Dec. 25th 2001 Until 190 months, Oct.7th/10th 2017, this is not a miss! Beware, Apb, www.thejuttahseptennial15.blogspot.com -Seen To Be Seeing, 09/27/2017, That It Is Into The Sink, This Wash With Modern Technology, That Cataclysmic, Finishing 190 Years Of It Into Islamic/Antichrist World Rule, see more here, http://missionbutterfly17.blogspot.com/2017/10/i-say-i-love-you-you-say-how-flattering.html Seven Whole Days, Not A Word From You, Seven Whole Days, I’m About To Be Though, www.2015jesuscomeknocking.blogspot.com “Ah my god, its worse than we’re to imagine, is it really, didn’t Jesus my brothers, prophesy it would be like the days of Noah? I got to go, me too, go, go the hell where? It’s too freaking late, right, isn’t it too late? Stop it, okay, your wife and child are, ah, god Tay, Jenny is back there, my children, I know, I know, they’re all back there. So what are you telling me brother, you too, that you’re god, you gonna walk through hell, ninety nine bowls of molten lava remember? That was before the threat of Noah's Cousin, look Tay, the intrepid dream timetable was for fifteen years and ten months, okay, add fifteen years to 2001 you get Dec. 25th 2016. Now little brother calculate the ten months, you have, you have Oct-to-ber, you guys, October 2017, like right now, no Tay and yes, see there’s a seven to eight day deficit between Dec. 24th to it’s 31st day, wait, wa, ah my God, so we’re talking like Oct. 6th, 7th? Yes, Maaseiah is liking it to Rev. 2:10, the promise of ten days, but it’s not ten days it’s seven days. Ah god, that’s the forewarning, the Braxton song, 2015, seven whole days only she was singing ten whole days, and then that church shooting, right? Ah Christ, please tell me that shooting, that shooting in Los Vegas wasn’t ten days past the September 23rd date? Nahhhh, I, I, ah my Christ,” as to swallow a frog from his throat, that painful, sickening bitterness, what manner of revelation was breaking-out between the three of them? Comparably again, was it like Knowing, Cages’ character equally, how would they warn everybody, even how could they? “My Christ Tay did you know? No, you, Cartson? Hell no, God no, no man, no, it’s all being revealed right now, right here, as we speak,” this witnessed he’s to wipe his cheek along his shirt, get back into his backpack, as to signal this ready. “Meaning you guys right now, as in right now, you have seven days until America’s and this world’s D-day, then it’s beast reign until Christ’s return. Come here, no, you’re not gonna hung me with your damn goodbye crap, no, I’m not saying goodbye to either of you. So Mannix, you’re saying aunt Maaseiah misinterpreted what it was she saw? No, I’m saying, Holy Spirits wanted her, even needed her to see them show the lost the same amazing Grace as they showed the Bride. The Bride, by Christ’s Cross was now Glorified, as in Holy Spirit and worthy to ascend, the unrepentant unworthy still in their flesh, blood could not, can’t enter God’s Kingdom. Mercifully so Holy Spirits instead directed them, well us Southeast, no heaven, it's too dissolving, it would consumed them away. Remember how cautious they were, the opening of those three doors of prophet Ezekiel to her, yet Auntee still had problems as a child, made weekly visits to the eye doctor. Tay, look we got to get while we still have use of our cars, trucks, you too, Alabama isn’t Georgia nor Florida. This is not goodbye Taylor John, yeah, we’ll meet you at Florida’s coast, go from there, probably get to our own Kim, you get there lil bro and we’ll see you there! Look you guys, according to Rose, Maaseiah spend her last days on earth praying according to Jesus’ prayer, St. John 17, we should do the same for our families and friends, get your family and go! Okay, I will, I promise, yeah, well keep it this time, see you guys there." Why speak in parables? For they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, Apb, the RAM, see entire blog here, http://missionbutterfly17.blogspot.com/2017/10/seek-to-be-near-you-and-you-say-you.html -PS, Is This An Invasion Of Peace On Earth? www.invasionofpeace2017.blogspot.com

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Breaking News Report Of Great Desolation's Come

If you're asking, wow, is she ignoring President Trump? Yes, just as God's fury cast at his campaigning demonstrated and thank you, God bless you for noticing, these people can't do anything to help you. So regardless of the Whitehouse, Senators/Congress it is as the days of a thousand times Puerto Rico Us soil, only instead of tens of millions set into America's South-east. It's as the days of Moses mandatory exodus, tens of millions are instead dead, if you don't run from the west for your loved ones, run for your living souls, hopefully you'll have plenty of company! Apb
 -Seen to be seeing, 09/27, a breaking of news forecast on the television, Guam just been hit, Asian invasion Us soil, millions upon millions of Americans dead, of Christ's are missing. The breaking of the most anticipated events ever is upon us, beware! 
   -I did September 26th get September 27th as a word, it's all the hour of great desolation's September's rapture to America's exodus, October's Extinction Level Event, November, 4th, a death toll so mighty, a soaring into the heavens, from once greased over handle bars, of a funeral reef calculating you being deceased, then judgment, then hell, Trump's, even Obama's is the Bride to America's exit into exodus, hurry on your way! 

   -Beware, As The days Of Jeremiah's King Zechariah, Even Ezekiel's, then there's Moses Egypt, America's is an exodus, whatever Trump the Brexit/Truexit and company threaten is come upon them, upon you, upon US and Western Soil, double, even triple, beware, get Jesus and get out. The Bride being here, this second by second all the more increases that something​ 2x's Godzilla Monster is here, Apb, see here, http://elenintime.blogspot.com/2017/09/all-hail-to-bride-now-reigning-in-heaven.html 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

yours is a nuclear fate, an aquatic age, fifty million will die, Exit Stage Georgia

America's Blood Guiltiness, Sentence Do

Article… Revelation 12 Red Dragon: September 23rd The Cover-Up – Dahboo77 Compilation (Video) http://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2017/09/revelation-12-red-dragon-september-23rd-the-cover-up-dahboo77-compilation-video-2527996.html, Article…

     I Came Here To Find An Article Perfect For My Post, So Thanks, And May God Bless Your Exodus

Feeling Seized Upon Where The Only Way Out Is God's Trump, Jesus, To America's Truext, Trump, Decide! You Now Have Seconds And Counting Right In Antichrist Reign, 
http://elenintime.blogspot.com/2017/09/you-know-where-your-bible-is-www.html here, http://elenintime.blogspot.com/2017/09/the-come-light-revelations-of-collin.html, get Jesus and get out, only Holy Spirits will stand!

     -There are more people than I can count the two thousand years it has been predicted who believe by one form of divine intervention or another, that in six days, a September 23-25th date, Christ is going to take his Bride off planet. As I said, as the days of Jesus's birth and so many great and small believing, trusting such a time hath come, herein reading the signs in heaven. As so those on the earth knew as they followed a certain star in the heaven, it would lead them to the Christ child birth and they were right.
     -So it is on the earth presently, an alike star in heaven, an alike biblical prophecy Rev. 12, is come, as descried this article, just these undeniable signs both on earth and the heavens. All of which those trusting, believing and expecting were to look to so they, we, could virtually as the days of Jesus’ birth comprehend the Brides. Essentially Christ's Cross, offspring, blood lineage, it's resurrection which has come; whereas Jesus second return would coincide with this too miraculous event arriving him on earth, his millennium exactly seven years later, so 2017-2024, even doing the reappearance of an alike eclipse 2017, now 2024, as i said, signs. (see Zech. 14).
     -Truly I’m making this aware, because although I never believed in date setting, to be sincere, I never had too, nor did it never, ever cross my mind; I mean at Jesus’ call, at eye blinking speed, the bride is gone, how is there an exact timing? Though a night of dreaming, June 26th 2015, the end of Obama's timetable into Cameron's pending Brexit, 02/22/2016, I have to admit, this was a time I was shown in a dream.  Of which I must add, three forth has come to pass, I was given or allowed to see, what will be this dream completion, this date of September 25th as this date of the Brides' escape. I know, hip, hip hooray, go on with our Christ, and leave y’all alone, right? No, you see not only will the Brides escape spell the end of all things men hold dear.

    As has been prophesied the last nearing 15.10 years, at this 190 months, 2001 timetable, America, the world has entered into a sequence of Judgments into deletion. Sorta of the reason I witnessed Holy Spirits getting Americans Southeast as surely as the Bride was taken off to heaven. So this act of amazing grace still, because it was as well America's appointed time that great cataclysms had come Us, beginning it’s Western soil. Further meaning any partying Apostle warn you, though a masquerade it may be, will have the Antichrist and it's armies hosting it, believe me, beware, get Jesus, and get out of it now, a sin right now, Apb, The RAM, 

. -Cataclysms happen to US soil as suddenly and as simultaneously as the Bride is snatched out, as I been saying, according to decades of prophecies, of seeing this, a three, 2x's Godzilla monster is pending the West coast, why, and though most can't see it there an evacuations Southeast into exodus. I know it's impossible, but if you just wrap your American persuasion around the fact once Obama's two weeks and seven years timetable, passing two weeks into a pending Cameron's Brexit. That once this timetable was finished, the timetable Daniel's man in Linen placed within his, Daniel's already existing timeline, and then told Daniel, his, Daniel's timeline right now dwindled into a final week of years wouldn't go into fulfillment until a times, times and half past this newly inserted timetable. Apparently that when this fullness of time hath come, passed away as to have it's fruition of what Obama' administration was comprised of, clearly meaning the end of nation building. -Herein with the exception of the come Israeli/Islamic/Antichrist reign of Daniel's week, the Holy can then warn , well God is no longer dealing with America as a nation, nor as a world rule. Though as a measure of blood guilt whose judgement which has come so in a few fighting words, America, Western rule no longer exist, clearly the command that parents be killed, that all schools be finished, the end. Explaining further the shaping of Obama's administration visits to Memphis, into two simultaneous demonstrations of a Dunlap street, dream, as time done lapsed. Right into a little Miya girl, also on Dunlap street, (as in Mayan migration/world apocalypse). Also, further explaining these beyond imaged death tolls in the tens of millions, of people like now staying in the way, though made aware of heighten into active forms of extinction level events, see more here, http://heartravising2017.blogspot.com/2017/09/lets-just-hope-pray-there-are-no-more.html

...And I Heard In My Hearing, Yours Is A Nuclear Fate, An Aquatic Age, Fifty Million Will Die, Exit Stage, Georgia...

-When The Man In Linen Daniel 12, Lifted Up His Hands Toward Heaven And Swore, A Timetable Within An Existing One, What Did We Think Would Happen To Daniel's Now Come, Timeline? www.daniel534bc2017ad.blogspot.com -Apostle's Harsh Reality, That After 31 Springs Of Like A Noah (NOAA's) Day Building An Ark/Altars That Is Jesus I Will Yet Watch Tens Of Millions Suddenly Lose Their Lives To Souls As I Heard In My Hearing 2002, 2017, Per The Soaring Into The Heavens Funeral Reef, Even A Nov. 4h Date, "Fifty Million Will Die!" Beware, Apb, -Lets just hope, pray, there are no more declaration from President Trump of peace and safety regarding America, western rule. There's right now pending Harvey's, Irma's, Noah/NOAA's cousins, 99 bowls of molten lava of prophesied sudden destruction. All with us at least now knowing what the August 29th date was about, the very date President Trump would be in Texas assessing Harvey damage with Japan/world rule dodging a Nuclear Kim. I once said of Bush administration, and what leaders make up America's government entirely, even world leaders. How it is, every time they open their mouth, it ensues a massacre on human lives, no wonder Apostle John heard the cry of Father Creator of Mystery's come judgment, come out from among these evils, ....for which I like to say, come on Jesus' Millennium. -Hey that remind me, Caden and I walked to the park days past, about a quarter of a mile I guess you can say, I've for years developed this itch I guess you can say for writing in the dirt and sand. It was for the longest I would write come Lord Jesus, then over time it would reduce to just HURRY! As in Hurry Lord Jesus, Prince of peace, get us all the victory. I guessed you can say since I witnessed text like messages all along my bed 2015 and right now Holy Spirits prowl all about Brides' ascension as in the days of Jesus'. Again, text messages, which one after one said, Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way, this year 2015, the year of the moving us to Heaven/Georgia dream per Obama/America's dwindled timetable. There was also the visitation to heaven, this witness of the Lamb book of life being open into a roll call/census taking, whose name not written therein, are those tossed into a lake of fire. -This was the year, 2015, though I witnessed the Antichrist in great, great prowess, I also witnessed the Bride reigning in heaven, possessing into making ready. Clearly, amazingly, the very stone King Nebuchadnezzar and Prophet Daniel made to relive his dream, so the stone from heaven, possibly this proposed Nibiru, they both saw set for demolishing all things rebellious men. Man, what else did I see? The Holy Spirits this witnessed, I'm just now beginning to calculate the very year 2015, Obama/America/Britain's timetable did tank, was for me the most explosive year of dreaming all end time prophecy into fulfillment, yet. Then as so I remember, this reinvention of the Asian invasion, 1998, Us soil into fulfillment by casting me into a really odd, for boarding, mirror image . Which as well remind me, the first open vision of my reflection in a mirror was that of God,1986, with His Throne, backed into a praying church of mass assembly, except Christ Jesus, not hearing them or having anything to do with them at all. -Here, like, what? Some thirty years later, here is one whereas I was to figure my body, the nation, even dispensation I represented, also in this mirror image. One, being a victim of epilepsy for as long as I been in Christ, so of horridly, terrifyingly being overtaken entirely, that's seized upon, again entirely by an Asian male. Further explaining, not only since Trump's Administration have I heard America's declared a nuclear fate into what seem at present an 'aquatic Age." Not only did I witnessed a fury of God as the days of Prophet Ezekiel, (see Jer, 37:8, 1998), directed it's pending rule, but only a day before Trump's inauguration, I'm waking from sleep It is then I heard in my hearing, just as the days of the four nations in a block 2002, I heard additionally 2017, "fifty million will die!" nothing people as all nation building is predestined along bible prophecy. There is nothing that's to alter it, whereas commanded reapers bearing sword like syringes, I have seen them, (Eze. 5, 9), just as they target all rebelliousness right into stampeding people. This pending death toll and this pending death toll alone, a Nuclear Kim, A Godzilla Monster of a Natural Disaster. -This recently confirmed Noah (NOAA's) cousin, meaning from above, earth ending. even the cataclysmic finale as of the intrepid dream timetable, by Oct. 2017. Understand Apostle, this beyond comprehending ever death toll is why I witnessed Holy Spirits evacuating all non Christians again Obama/ America/ Britain/Canada, (WESTERN RULE), done lapsed into Prophet Daniel, per the Jewish New Year Holiday, timeline. Indescribably though I'm trying, as I saw, as I witnessed a pending date of September 25th, the getting of American's Southeast, this amazing grace, just as they were getting the Church Bride, skyward. -Seeming, after so many springs of the Bridegroom's demonstrating raptures, now knowing He's closer to us than the days of his own ascension. I, now while at the park, faced with this itch of writing in the sand, I couldn't write hurry, He's here, so knowing, but resisting. Then as if I felt a tug, God's will be done, reluctantly I wrote, 'begin the count,' I mean Heaven's Host, the Marriage Supper await, I've seen and spoke with them, said they couldn't wait to be with Us, to be where we are. Hence the woman bearing black bowls into an amazing grace of a slight intermission of offering business cards for better homeless shelters instead, Jesus said ours, the Brides mansions are made up and stored up in heaven, beware, get out, God's Trump, Jesus or America's Truexit, Trump, and may God bless your exodus, Amen, Apb, The RAM

The Dismantling Of American, Western From Pope, President, Politician To Peasant

Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest
Only Days Until The End Of The World As We Know It

      -Article… Revelation 12 Red Dragon: September 23rd The Cover-Up – Dahboo77 Compilation (Video) http://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2017/09/revelation-12-red-dragon-september-23rd-the-cover-up-dahboo77-compilation-video-2527996.html, Article…

     -When The Man In Linen Daniel 12, Lifted Up His Hands Toward Heaven And Swore, A Timetable Within An Existing One, What Did We Think Would Happen To Daniel's Timeline?

     -Apostle Harsh Reality, After 31 Spring Of Like Noah (NOAA's) Day Building An Ark/Altars That Is Jesus Day I Will Yet Watch Tens Of Millions Suddenly Lose Their Lives To Souls And I Heard In My Hearing 2002, 2017, Per The Soaring Into The Heavens Funeral Reef, "Fifty Million Will Die!" Beware, Apb, 

     -If we understand that the two weeks and seven year timetable now given Presidential Obama was the end of the supplementary timetable instead given by the man in Linen. Who then swore by God's Heavenly Throne, the pending Adam restored blood lineage that not until a times, times and the dividing of times must be fulfilled. It is not until then, this sworn, come dispensation of grace finale, referencing also the church age, as so all of it's allowances, beginning with the removal of world rule by Western Civilization.
     -Now sworn it was that not until then, said finale of graces divine intervention would Daniel's final week be made into a seven, year peace accord. Understandably, it is then concealed prophecies of Daniel regarding the rise of little horn should be fulfilled, truly making sense that when I witnessed just as Obama’s Presidential Campaign hath come, the two beast of Revelation 13 did rise. It was one that come from land, it is one that come from the sea, it was again they went into prediction until Daniel’s Week. Only now pending Obama’s timetable, Cameron’s Brexit, America’s Truexit, Trump, The Brides escape all along the Jewish New Year Holiday 2017, all pending with such bible to cataclysmic fruition, having come. 
     -Because a fullness of time concerning the man in linen timetable hath come, just as the Angel Gabriel 2004 forewarn a pending Hussein Obama's Administration. One as a Westerner/African/Islamic blood lineage, one as to represent three sides of a Babel/petrodollar/bitcoin, I guess you can say now come the Presidential leader of the most multicultural nation. As vehemently described, the most powerful and reviled world rule on the planet, obviously appointing a Hussein Obama. Apparently the final two weeks and seven years of the man in linen time table then to seal that once sworn upon a pending reign by the Ancient of days by descending Jesus Millennium right into it’s failed attempts at peace.
     -The intermission of Daniel's timetable as of Christ's Cross for over two thousand years into this gruelling second by second countdown right now. 
Indisputably why nations Angel Gabriel 2004 mentioning of the seventh Angel, have been declared so angry and no doubt the beast demons having and overseeing them all. The fulfillment of all timetables to nation building, all rebelliousness into it, in a few words, promises and prophecies. Phenomenally talk about God before the foundation of the world doing His creative home work, dotting all His I's, crossing all His,T's, He alone is God indeed.
     -Though to from the beginning declare Senator, not presidential Obama as "the one," that we're to suspect as to know him by his itinerary. Although I been seeing it many years, even created what has come prophetic parables accordingly, the exodus of America, along the stampeding (migration), of the world, into a proposed these thirty plus years New Africa. Witnessing the Holy Spirits doing the escape to Georgia dream just as well bring Americans into an exit, as they brought the Bride along an escape skyward; so as the bride is off to marriage supper, the western world is to embark upon a Moses day deliverance of a migration.
    -I, Apostle described to you lately, like as to an Apostle John being in heaven doing unthinkable celebrations, when said jubilee of them all, was then interrupted, I now believe what John come to describe as a silence in heaven. Just as swiftly I'm transported and standing before what can only be described as a mountain in heaven, just as I stand there. It is just as I begin to witnessed this sunlight gradually emerge, and just as soon as the days of Moses speak, "let my people go!" Like, well as I inquired lately, was Senator not President Hussein Obama, being declared, "The One.
     -Unimaginable, mindbogglingly it was because like Moses he'd been made ruler in the house of his enemies, that like Moses he would one day deliver his people from the curse (the sin, rebelliousness), of slavery of yet another divine intermission, that is actually Jesus Millennium? Not only in 2013, as I open my eyes from sleep did I hear in my ear, "five more disasters," (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Noah/NOAA’s day), as though five had previously past. Though, since the beginning there has always been references made to a Moses style exodus that is now America. More complex but just as it was greatly demonstrated, this spending of a whole night dreaming along the entire route of the Hebrew arduous path to Canaan land.
     -Dumbfounded, I was appointed an Apostle, Prophet, after a type of Jesus of Resurrection one spring morning 31 years past. Prophetically as He, Himself, appeared in the heavens to a three, month old babe now given over to serving Him and three times commission her to come up to HIM. Gradually over time I would revisit by prayer, worship, dreams, visions, words, heaven visiting me and me visiting heaven what it was I did see that day. Such this divine phenom is what has consisted and comprised into thirty-one years of the Rising Above Ministry (RAM), outreach. prophetic ministry. Like my brethren Apostles, Prophets, Holy Apostles, the Holy Spirit described of them, before me, even with me.

     -I've told you what I been allowed to see, hear and astoundingly experience, Jesus to look upon that day, this misunderstanding at first, was to look upon God. All for which I said recently. now even the Angels have a God, who took on flesh and endured a Cross for the man who once was lost. Blessed indeed is the Mystery of Godliness, blessed are the hearers and doers of It’s prophecies, for the time as of Angel Gabriel 2004 appearing is indeed at hand. I must further warn you, as before the days of hurricane Harvey, assigned reapers bearing natural disasters will target all  procrastinating America’s exodus along either God's Trump, Jesus, or America's Truexit, Trump now come, now come also simply one word into one option, "DECIDE! Apb, The RAM  

The Dismantling Of American, Of Western Rule From Pope, President, Pastor to Peasant

     -Every time I hear economic crash I'm reminded of those two ferocious of beast, there seeming to be one rising from the sea, and yet another from the earth and together they're tearing through America's Petro addiction to an addiction nation building that is rightly Hussein, Obama's campaign. Though as well stomping, chomping and mowing through pulpits and pews, through peace getting porches, through stock and money markets crying I have a beast in 120 countries. Though all the earlier, and most concerning, monster lethal, even the cry these long years how Antichrist will kill millions as million like now go broke. So just another proof of the end times we're in, it's why for two consecutive times to three I've asked Hundreds of Millions of especially Americans.
     -Actually of pending Tribulation Saints to instead right now, come and go with me to Jesus, wedding supper and mansions await, even the spirit and bride sayeth welcome. As I said though the more carnivorous than the days of the Roman Empire, this cry in Prophet Daniel's ear to rise up and eat much flesh. The Leopard of Grecia, (come Armageddon), the Lion of Babylon (come Antichrist reign) and a demon dog, (typical possession of those forgetting God), Just all these vicious beast I witnessed styling abominable lives, lands and churches, now get this, as innocent house pets. I guess we didn't render to Caesar what was His, nor God, our Will, His, such rebellion now this stumbling block of iniquity, Apostle Paul did warn. Then I heard in my hearing, "I will being it all to waste, America, have  you fallen before, be aware as God Himself, get ye to Jesus and get out of this as forewarn, seizure of God's wrath on every side, Apb, The RAM,

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 1986-2016/17
The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

Unto Caspian Matthew Hemingway and Aridity Tierson  was born their first daughter Saigon Amirah Hemingway, a son Jeremiah Elijah Hemingway and a daughter Tristian Ameka     

     And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring Caspian Matthew Hemingway  

                ...And The Smell Of Thine Ointments Than All Spices...
                                                 Scene XXIV
     -Yeah but we all know, like in the day of Noah, the Genesis man is in too much danger, especially the way the LGBTQ and P for pedophile moment are targeting the next generation as they are right now, the world can't continue in this manner of jeopardy, it just can't. So when we Maddox look it at like that, you look awesome tonight by the way, you too Myra, ah so stunning, then we're looking at it from Elohim's point of view, right? Elohim Ari and all that, that survey since the foundation of the earth, one question, did you Dido believe he would be gone this long? Six months, that's long enough to get married and have children on the way. You all hear the latest, Maaseiah is saying other pending with disasters fault lines may not withstand a Yellowstone eruption, you mean Maddox like it's to a have a domino effect. Right that the parody she got recently chanting “99 bowls of molten lava could be making reference to various explosions, that would be more than a local horror but a world catastrophe. “He's here,” speeding toward them, literally out of breath having the mightiest, unbelievable news at them,  that would not believe. “Caspian, he's here, what, yes and he look so, he's drop dead gorgeous I kid you not, what, are you talking, I admit this being an annual, Ball, I hoped he, I see him, my Christ it is him," tall, suave and apparently so sure of himself, as an elated Aridity roughly digested, it was him, it was Caspian Hemingway. This specialty gift looking more incredible then ever, headed in her direction, seeing she to cast her well meaning attention away, then mostly at them. "The top of the evening to all of you, may I Aridity, may I have this dance, ah sure, ah yes you can, please don't be cruel, holding her down clear, into clasping his warm,even nervous hands, even so, she was stricken with unbelief. "Is this a dream? It is not a dream, but if so, is one come true, then I wished you here, prayed even, perhaps, you look so good and you Aridity smell so good. I mean you look, I know what you mean, tell me how long did you practice that entry? How long have I been way from you? That long huh? Well you got it done just perfectly, we were Caspian just saying you'd been gone long enough to be married with a child on the way, you as well Aridity, I feared. The last I saw you, you said if I ask, you would say yes, did you mean it," this incredible smell, sexy whisper upon her ear, firing her senses all through, up and down, what an unforgettable moment. "I assumed you meant it, I did," an admission filling her eyes instantly with tinging new tears, her nose, her lips.  did she feel like Cinderella against all odds getting the Prince/King, “Use it, excuse me, the handkerchief, it's real, my grand mar, mar wouldn't have it any other way, use it, it's ok. I'm sorry, but Caspian, I thought I'd lost any opportunity of your gracious offer, surely my love isn't to marry simply because I asked. No, I want to, I have missed you, I, I can't explain it barely having known you, you don't have to explain, I've missed you as well. He does look good don't he, I tell you, I wonder what they're saying? None of our business I know, you think he's here to propose? Surely, why, hey, earth to Maddy, I'm sorry, I went away there huh? I was just thinking of something I read this morning, I don't even think she realizes it. Though Myra Maaseiah is right now encouraging people to get as far away from the western and eastern seaboard as one can, suggesting we then go where? As far southeast as is possible, yeah, Maddox but whose really listening, I always wondered why he's so different, Caspian was born and raised in the Juttah, excuse me, wait how do you know that? I been knowing, that, ah we're not strangers, meaning Maddy what? Meaning I was also born and raised in the Juttah, you what! I now babe, I should've, please, where are you, and she wonder why I didn't tell her, yeah you need to go after your wife, so you lied about everything? I lied about nothing, that hill, how terrified, that hill My is why I've chosen to live as an American Civilian, so get it out, what is Caspian to you? I've called him Hemingway or Hem all his life, all his life, meaning he's your cousin, your brother? My god I married a man I don't even know, so you knew he would be here, today? I did not, take me home, Myra, please, I worked to keep a low profile, even from me? Then you blurt it all out in front of my friends making me look like an idiot, such time has run out, such time? Playing these silly games over, frivolous sins no longer winked at but counted as rebellion whose judgment has come, who are you? Our fathers are of the Juttah tribes, Sia, second only to, Sia Maaseiah, servants of Jesus Christ, the first of the Juttah Septennial, and that's why you know so much? I know so much My because I study, I listen and mostly, I believe, you been looking forward to this night for months, you stay I'll go, meet you at the Dorm, and what is this dance without you, what's any of it without Maddox? I wasn't trying to, I know, I understand, you guys are like celebrity or royalty right? But right now they're playing my favorite song and I want to dance, so you're my brother-in-law? Hurrying past them at getting past them taking a seat, surrounded all around by itching ears and whispering, stammering lips. “I took your advice, I told her, you should too, what is going on? Ah, Maddox and I are brothers, brothers? I don't, heirs of the Juttah, every third child Aridity take it's mother's name, so while Maddox is a Deburk, I'm a Hemingway. I told you, after my mom, meaning her dad, meaning my granddad. Brothers? Born and raised in the Juttah, now, Miss Aridity, will you be my Juttah wife? How would I ever have guessed that? You wouldn't, I will, that is why you're so different, well careful, cautious and you said yes, I did, good, come with me, where are we going? It's a surprise, yeah, the night seem to be filled with them."     >>>"I need you to pack, pack, what are you talking about now? First Caspian, the Sia Juttah, we must go, okay, "turning into this newest husband not making sense, that he's unzip her stunning gown as himself, ready for bed, now you're scaring me, what are you not telling me, still? Caspian didn't only return for Ari, he return for us, for all of us, all those the Nuptial, Pre-Nupital Dorms, all Juttah marriages My that will come. With those delicious, edible locks moussed back now springing back to life, revealing Maddox Christopher even more this looker, just so beautiful, as so his heart. "You know you're not making sense right? The Juttah Septennial all over this world Myra for the first time are all simultaneously being drawn into the safe-haven of the Juttah and said alert is summoning us, that we do the same. You once Myra said nothing of this mean anything without me, without your Maddox, okay, my vow to my parents regarding my travels was that when it's time come, I wouldn't hesitate getting back there, to Juttah Africa. So I'm just to leave everything? It all Myra belong to an outbreak of troubles unthinkable right now and there is nothing to be done but to escape, so you're saying Trump's travel bans actually protect the migrants by keeping them from coming here? Yeah this country even into Canada most of all is the lease place anyone should, please darling stop looking at me that way. Stop acting as though you're surprised by any of this, you knew this day was coming, it's Myra always does, come to a fullness of time that is God's and His Anointed alone. Okay, suppose I accept this fate, I have you Maddy and nothing but Christ then matter, you really expect me, us, I expect us Myra, to persuade an entire dorm of the next generation of the Genesis man to follow? just so you know, I am not persuasive,I darling wife, beggar to differ, we're married because of your gift of persuasion."     >>>"You're acting like a mad man, what is this, where are you taking me, just a few more minutes, easy for you Mr. Hemingway, you're not wearing a blind fold, believe me Preecest, it's worth it, okay, okay, but we're close to water right, like a marina? How, how you know that? I can smell it, even feel it, okay, be very careful, a boardwalk right? Stop it, you're spoil the surprise, okay, wee'll here," brought to a halt, as one waiting with heart-over whelming anticipation, ah my it's a ship, yes, a cruise ship, yes extravagant enough and huge enough Aridity to house 3000 passengers who're to be inundated with the best of luxury and the best, you arrived by this huge, amazing thing?Yes, designed by Maaseiah, engineered by the Sia Juttah and manufactured by some of best technologists on the planet. Come, what you mean come, we can just board it, it's ours, on loan, until we convince 3000 others to join us, the Aqua Juttah. Okay stop, stop, it, uh, ah, am I dreaming this? Why you keep, Caspian, I must be dreaming because there is no way Caspian this can be real! "Shhhhhh," a delicate brush of her eyes, her dampen cheeks, so precious, along the plaiting of their fingers, at laying his forward so gently into hers, calming her. It's all real," a gentle word at her at ear equally bringing them into the a tight, sensualist hug, you haven't seen anything yet, you want to quit or continue this unspeakable tour. This is why you proposed, you wanted such an anomaly of a question turn my life upside down, because, because Aridity I knew such a day was coming for you, was coming for all of us.  What about my parents, our parents not in the Juttah? Spinning away, off seeming this distraught, to say Caspian was ready for that question, he'd been informed well, our siblings, our loved ones period, all of that Ari has been considered and taking care of, what you mean.? It mean a lot of the people boarding will be convinced they're on a free seven day cruise, once they spend this indescribable day aboard, we'll reveal the Aqua Juttah's true purpose and they'll decide whether to continue or return home, you thought of that? The Sia Juttha and I, yes, I guess, look,” as one kneeing so darling into her, this darling above all other young men, clearly as she stated, she' hadn't seen anything like him, or this place. If you're Ari feeling so overwhelmed by all of this, we can go back to the ball, put this off, the tour until tomorrow, or we can tour until we tire, eat play until we fall flat on our faces and sleep here tonight. Just let me get this straight, you haven't just brought me a Juttah proposal, you've brought me a Juttah Cruise a Mega Ship, it's an Aqua Juttah, meaning what Caspian? Meaning Ari it has submerging capabilities, if or when the top side is in any danger it' transforms into a submersible underwater marina thus Juttah Aqua, just think it of as a wedding gift, aahhh, I like that, just as simple, if you think, it is simple, you're looking at the size of the and discounting the gift. Look , look I know this is all so overpowering, even mind boggling, when I was first introduced to it, someone is coming, Master Hemingway I see, can I get and your guess anything? No, I don't . ah you want anything,? Only that you get me back to reality, no,Jessup but thank you, very well, a pleasant night to you both, you as well. Wait for me, this is not going as I expected and just what did you expect? Eyes Ari hath not seem, nor ears heard, neither hath it entered into the hearts of man, the things god hath prepared for those who love him. I know this from experience, unless you look at the Africa Juttah, the Juttah Septennial,and this beyond amazing escape like that Ari, you'll never understand it, okay? Okay, now please take me back, sure it's not a kidnapping, only an unveiling, so this is what Maddy is explaining to Myra, as well all Juttah spouses the Nupital Dorms? Thank you," that he open the door of this white, trimmed in gold, stunning stretch limo, you're trembling, assisting her as to fold her wrap over her arms. You ever see the movie, 'she's all that,' yes, sure, 'you remind me of her, only, only I'm black, right, and more beautiful right," easing his hand into hers, feeling welcome, made him seem a bit more assured, so sorrowfully having spooked. "Your skin is so flawless, you Aridity is flawless, I can't wait to make you my wife, nor I, that you're to be my husband, I think I can dare breath again, knowing none of that has changed. So you're saying, I call my parents right now, they're deciding between an all out expense paid? If you call any of them, a seven day luxury cruise, and they have no ideal it's the Aqua Juttah? I mean really Ari, how could they? It's only one day of wining, dining, tours, fun, and Caspian the greatest since Jesus' Christ Marriage Supper  decision they'll make of their entire lives into eternity. So Juttah Husband to be, a question, how do you tell so many, no, no, that's wrong, it's not tell them. They already been told forever into this very second, it's dear Juttah wife to be, how do you make them believe it to the point they, to the point Aridity, they escape." 

                                                       Scene XXV
     -How long have you known we were this close, to ah leaving? I wouldn’t fully know until Caspian arrived, someone is at the door, hello Maddox is Myra, I'm here, I know it's, well did Maddy tell you. did you tell her? How they plan to whisk us off by the thousands, our parents, sibling all into this Juttah Septennial? What, what are, what is she's talking about? First of all, stop talking Ari as if we're forcing anyone against their will, second, we, Caspian and I grew up believing in a Septennial, a time when all the born again will be of one heart and one mind, guide when they're to exodus all earth worthies and get themselves a divine reunion to anointed places Supreme hath only for them. Further separating them from the rebellious until they're taken up, out, being any place else is just too dangerous for the next generation of the human being. Some place else? This is all deceasing, anyway Caspian introduce me to this phenomena ship, this giant cruise, heaven on water Myra I kid you not, and claim how it''s to be home for thousands taking seven days to for seventeen days right into the Juttah Sepetennial. I thought he was mad, I still do, I just came to give you a heads up, good night, well at least try to get some sleep. I did't know," seeing she's cut suspicious, unkind look at him, only finding husband Maddox as confused as herself. “Your brother arrive in what can only be explained as a multi-trillion dollar world cruiser and you Maddy know nothing? He said he was arriving in style, I thought he meant the Heir (Air) Juttah, their private Jets, this My I know, the Juttah doesn't force anyone to do anything, that mean she just simply misunderstood, where, I got to find him, I won't be long. Good I was on my way to, what did you do? I think I found my Juttah bride and lost her Maddox at the same time, what where, so the Juttah Aqua is here, that's  how you arrived, in style as you said? It is, yes, how? It was already commissioned here, the less people to arrive, the more people we can move into the Juttah, people. Ari said the dorms, parents and siblings, you really startled her, invitations have been sent out, people will come and enjoy the Juttah Aqua, they will then be briefed by a reveal and make a decision. Invitations, invitations to whom? To all the households of the Pre-nupital, Nuptial Dorms. In anything those who can will have a very fun, festive day they'll never forget, and they'll take their loved ones and go home, I mean what are the chances Maddy any of them will stay, will enter the Juttah? Slim right? I'll be in the Chapel praying about it, see you tomorrow., how long will the Aqua Juttah be docked here, seven days, no more, no less, now go, Mad, go to your wife, I'll be fine. 'I'm sorry," squinting a slight look into at what appeared to be Aridity waking him, ah god I feel asleep, yeah, well the prophet Joel is to say sleep at the altar, how did find me, Maddox must have you? No, I was eavesdropping when you and Maddy was talking, you are right now praying for a Noah's miracle right? How the animals were by divine intervention lead to the ark, to Noah, you hope the people here, the York Dorm by divine intervention do the same, right? How did you ever guess that? No other would, easy, I thought like you so you ask me to my Bride for a reason, I thought I'd lost you and I thought you was settiing up friends and family along an occult, trick them, trap them and take them. Tell me you didn't, I sort of did, my Christ, you're serious, until hearing what you told Maddox, how the chances the Aqua Festival would change any bodies mind. So my question is, is there any of Maaseiah's forewarnings included in the reveal, you know she just did that repent into the rapture video, that'll be convincing for many. I want to come with you, to the Aqua, to ah review this reveal and twink it if we have too, you're serious? Yes, and right now, if it's to be ready by noon,, actually 11 o'clock, like the 11 o'clock shopping lunch hour right? Ah, first let's do breakfast, but lets get to Maddy's first, I really scared them, ah Myra last night, they can come with us help. I still can't believe you arrived with a Mega Cruise ship/Aqua, well just think of as a stunning mansion on water, how about three stunning mansions on water? Thinking Caspian Matthew remind her also of an actor, Trevor Jackson, only Caspian was white, with highlighted streaked blond hair scurried about, as admittedly as kissable as his brother's thick locks, made him priceless as well.  “What are you thinking about? Actually wondering, how many Juttah Aqua's are out there? As those coming, riding along the coast of the sea, the bright sun, the birds in the air, small to large boats on the water. When just as soon, all their eyes captures this seeming New Jerusalem itself, sitting on the water, my heavens, it's even more breathtaking in the light. And there was no need for the sun ,nor the light of day, for the Throne of God was the light there, quoting revelation. Ah god,  it bring tears to my eyes, only Myra like my fiancee say, you, well we haven't seen anything yet, this is for us? It is, all the Marriage Worshipers and any who will agree to come along, I never could've imagined anything huge as this, yet Myra it's to comfortably house 3000 and to be to answer your question, there are twenty-four Aqua's. Heir Juttah's, Juttah Transit's, passenger Buses, if people are to be moved one way or another, the Juttah Septennial has found a way. I agree with Dido, this can't be real, look at you Maddy you're just as stun, I've only heard about them all my life but this is the first time wife I've laid eyes on it, let alone made to border it." Appearing as a cruise-ship in every sense of the word, sitting the ocean breeze, soaring into the heavens it seems, just this mammoth disorienting safe-haven blowing your mind and taking your heart away. "So ladies where to first? Ah the ball roll, ah the theater room, I want to view, the arrival, yes, that, well why don't we just agree to meet in the Cafeteria in an hour, we are not alone so behave yourselves."     >>>"I Naomi Crossing, Flirth, is not a child, I fully understand the vows I will make. I Naomi Crossing Flirth do take thee, Reynolds Channing Micheal to be my Juttah husband,to have and to hold from this day forward until the rest of my life into eternity, until death part us a arrive us God's Throne I will love, you Reynolds Channing Michael is this love. I Reynolds Channing Michael, I am not a child, I am a man, I fully understand the vows I will make, for better or worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health. I Reynolds Channing Michael do take thee Naomi Crossing Flirth to be my Juttah wife to have and to hold form this day forward, until all eternity arrive us God's throne, I will love, you Naomi Crossing Flirth is this love, now thy Juttah husband. As we witness, we now preceive you two as Juttah husband and wife, so let's have a wedding partyyyyyy, witnessing the two as they moved this shyness into a kiss, Reynolds was yet the unbeliever, wishing someone pinch him. “You did it, you married me, and I use, I could feel him, your dad, you? Yes, I think I could, he was pleased, dance you two, you got all your life to kiss, what think about huh? Styling her just perfectly onto a dance floor made just for them, did neither of them appear a stranger of such things, but look more like pro, "I can spend all your life kissing you and I Preece Reynolds you, I'm almost ashamed to say, you are my first real kiss, and you Preece husband, mine, mean as well, this is all meant to be."
 >>>”Okay, in the dream it was as though I'd arrived a guest to this party, family, friends,celebration. Even my sister that's under me was one of these people, soon one approached, glad I'd come, but equally threatening, she was bearing a gadget as to possess with demons, like a wane even, instead I started calling on Jesus and rebuking her like so, when just as soon, people started lining up to instead be anointed by and into Jesus Christ, and I woke up, so Caspian seem this, this mega ship seem this threat at first, is this dream why? I mean really Maddox, look at this place, how can it in a million years truly be real, free of charge with only greater, indescribable celebrations waiting, so yeah I saw it first as threat but now I know, it's one of those phenomena promises of God.  You guys, come, look, they're beginning to line up, some with carry on bags others with nothing but themselves 
ah, my, he's right, they're, they're here, and look, more are coming, you prayed for this and you're getting what you prayed, ok, lets all take a deep breath and get ready to get to work."     >>>"We re born into a curse of death, and the American dream has been set up to make us forget that, why like Mystery it's called the great whore of religion, this lying murderer from beginning. O by the way, I like you in your underwear, as one funningly getting past him washing dishes, to the sink with her own mess, though newly wedded, there was no time for hanging out, they had the most important cargo since Noah's Ark to bring about safety. “Well wife I could say the same, if you was wearing underwear, ah I am wearing underwear, you dear husband just can't see them under my gown, ah, so how long does a husband have to wait for that darling privilege, when am I going to be allowed Naomi’s secret? Surely such reveal goes along with her now being a Juttah wife, ah, so the Juttah vows, wife argument, humm I can already feel steamed shower water coursing down my back, what is that, is that an off, Nomni, you, you know I'm new at, Nomni! Well close the door silly, it's cold, oh, sorry, her smiling face, wondrous neck, right into her peaked , readied to be kissed breast, pulling his t shirt over his head just as he entered her steaming hot waters, his broad shoulders, bare chrism chest, his drench underwear clinging to him, to swords of victory clearly made ready. “I never did this before, nervously whispered upon his warm, made ready lips, tongue, edging one upon the other, “my god! With shower waters their hair, their faces, their nude bodies, “neither have I, though I am Nomni so ready to try, I see your sword, just the slightest touch her aching nipples, her wet stomach, navel, of waters rushing right into her private areas, simultaneously causing her to quake through and through, a desperate want for him, unbearable. “Let's get rid of these shall we? His drenched, filled with a mighty, steeping battle Kelvin Cline's, they both wrestle down, off, one glorious foot at a time, I guess you can say we're both ready, unveiling a marriage filled with wonder, as they doved right into one the other,, He Reynolds would be adorably his, and she, Naomi, this beast of beauty, painfully, explosively theirs. >>>It, your dream Ari sound a lot like people once being lost, even satanic, demonic now being found, and Jesus as always is to break the chains of judgment into hell, of this second death. Today is the day, I know, I shuttered so when I saw first light, I've been so sure and yet as intimidated this heart as I am right now, then dear one, so perish, perish? Yes, may your fears perish, lean not unto your understanding, Christ's Cross has paid it all, done it all, all people have to do now Caspian is come. I totally agree,” as one bringing a lovely wife Myra alone, had they already spend a night in paradise on earth, what else could there be but Heaven Itself. “You brother have done everything that need be done, and I am so damn envious and proud at the same time. You've delivered this seeming God's very Eden on water, you've send out the invitations, all manner of free transportation, first come, first served, prepared until these guess a beyond fabulous day, beyond Hemingway fabulous, even this reveal segment, don't let your, this good Hem beyond imagination be evilly spoken of by you, yourself. I am so glad you've come,” as to run into his welcoming arms, shoulder, Caspian had to admit despite all their support he felt so overwhelmed, even whether he was doing the right thing, at all? I'd hoped in my heart we found each other in time for breakfast, ready to the dinning area, Ari? Surely I am, Myra and I end up in the library, there is a smell of newness there, as there is all over this place, but what really stun us is the amount of passengers already here, yes, the crew and their families, they were all Maddox collected along the coast of Newfoundland, amazing, and so overbearing my heart is both humbled and run-amunk at the same time, good for you brother, good for all of us. Our New Guess will start arriving , the 11 O'clock shopping lunch hour and, and we pray little bother holy spirits take it from there, so after breakfast, and I know we don't ever want to leave this astonishing place, we need to get back to the dorms and start packing, what are you thinking? Ah nothing, just glad this day is come and I can't wait brother until we're on our way, good, very good.” “You are scarey quiet, that at sip of his glass, had consummating the marriage been a beyond wondrous adventure but not completely without trouble, they'd unknowingly hit a snag. Don't blame yourself, it couldn't be help, I just didn't know I was so ill prepared, I hurt myself as well, if you must know, but didn't stop us from being so tremendous, and you Mrs. Michaels so stunning in the nude, shhhh, where you born in a cave? Right, we being married Nomni, people wouldn't even guess, ok, ye, but it' still private, right, just us?