Monday, July 9, 2018

The Doomsday Passover, 1811 Of What Could've Been The End US Soil, By Two Great Earthquakes, The New Madrid,

Watchman, What Of the Night, Of The Mystery Of Iniquity, Of The Veils Of Illusions, Of Darken Mirrors, Of The Heathen Raging, Of The Thrusting Sickle Into The Wine Press of God?

     -What Are The Secrets Of Memphis, See The New Madrid Zone, Even Trump for President, A Subtraction Of 190 Years, 2001 Will Return US Soil To The Doomsday Passover, 1811 Of What Could've Been The End US Soil, By Two Great Earthquakes, The New Madrid, Apb

Article, 2018, G7 Summit, article,

     -CNN world, article reads, Trump regarded differently going into the Nato summit,; was I sincerely looking for such an article? Yes, why? Well remember doing the world meeting dream or translation 2008/09, I as an elder of God's throne was placed right across from then Senator Obama, and just as he was declared, "the one and he first had began campaigning I guess what you now call it's pending Obamacare, he then said an odd thing as proof, follow his itinerary  while suppose he wasn't just talking about his meeting of nations itinerary but those of all meetings of world nations, especially the leaders of America, of western rule, it is verified by revelation 17, 16-18, that it is by one of these meeting, world leaders will by a bedazzled by God, had over rule of their parts to the beast of the Antichrist.
      -Right now, it's July 9th, 2018, 7:17, am, the 22 Dec.24/25 2001-Nov. 24/25th 2017 awarded instead of doomsday come, Matrix ten day count, making today not only the 22 matrix, as to by now have opened 1-22 Revelation books (chapters), and have them perform themselves these outbreaks of troubles US and Western soil, into the world at will, as prophesied. This day of July 9th in the RAM's prophetic time table, 1986-2018, it was July 9th, 2002, so not a coincidence, President Bush, planned war against the axis of evil, soon described one error into a new fear factor, in about another year, I would by John's revelation, 11:1, 2, Matx. 11, predict a Hussein white house win and world reign, so pending for five year to six, into Barack Hussein. See, entire l=blog, here,

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

And I Heard In My Hearing As The Days Of Moses, Let my People Go!

     -Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest, 10/17/2017

     -All Hail To The Bride Now Reigning In Heaven, Readying The Specialty Stone, The Antichrist Murderer

     -Listening To: Selah, "Lord I Trust You,"

     -May Your Flight (Exit), Be Not In The Winter, Nor On The Sabbath Day, (Holy/Holiday) Escape, Escape, Escape!

     -Again I Say, Beware All West Of The Mid-Atlantic, Whose Kingdom, Marriage Supper, Mansions And Treasures Are All Stored Up In Heaven, Apb

Prophecy Link 

     -Seem be in phenomenon celebrations in the heaven, seen have a holy lord approach me, announce, he want to see you, and I said, who, and he said him, next I know I’m standing before a mountain in heaven, from which a brightness like the sun emerges only as the days of Moses it speak, “let my people go,” (Moses God given command to world leader Egypt’s Pharaoh, was that God’s people be released into worship and burnt offerings, the cry here lately, is that all get to repentant altars, God is avenging martyred blood,” as in no unrepentant flesh will stand, none. Apb,

     And There Was Silence In Heaven, About The Space Of Half An Hour, (My Prayer Closet, 1993, I found a God Weeping Uncontrollably, That His People where Being Stripped Of Christ Jesus, He Would In Return Strip Their Leaders),

     -Revealing that Obama was the Antichrist, for one, Western rule and the Antichrist reign will not co-exist, it’s like saying Jesus will set up His Kingdom in American soil, not only will America be depleted by then, this is not biblical. It, western rule, America, Britain and Canada, as the days of the Mayans, even of Atlantis, just to name a few are being removed from the planet Doing this prophetic season for this prophetic reason, explaining all these various, never seen before, never again cataclysmic shifting of anomalies. Obama administration was a prelude to the Antichrist rule, this is why we witnessed those two beast of revelation rise, one from land, one from sea but go further into prediction until an end time, This timetable dating back to the days of prophet Daniel, it’s 12th chapter, and Apostle John’s, Revelation, 10th  a timetable both announced, and upon it’s fulfillment recanted, as declared both times by a host of heaven, swearing upon the Ancient of days, Throne.
     -The dispensation of grace done, the church age done, Western Rule, America done, and if by now you’re thinking the great day of God’s wrath, wine press, reapers are all targeting US soil, and no flesh shall stand, you are the great whore, Rev. 17, bearing a cup of martyred blood, correct. Onward further to explain the command that all parents be killed, that all schools be finished, why Apostle told AMTV Chris, you all are looking for the enemy in all the wrong, places, if God is against you, as to cast a fury at Trump’s campaign, there are none to stand with you, you are repentance and escape. This is the great seizure of America, of Western Rule this world, it’s why you have Godzilla style cataclysms constantly pending, staged at or around every angel of western rule continuance, even the cry, this harrowing reminder, that you cried America be great again, come instead the reminder, “yours is a nuclear fate.” Additionally, proving as the days of Bush wars and now a nuclear Trump that God and biblical fulfillment and not America’s falsified axis of evil, God alone is God.
     -As with God being God, as with Obama’s, until two weeks and seven years be fulfilled, the Islamic into the Antichrist rule, both of which has come, awarded 42 months each, meaning prophetically, seven years exactly, oppose to Obama’s Administration which until again two weeks and seven years were finished, then like now is come the two beast of Revelation 13, meaning the Antichrist cabinet is come just as America’s Donald Trump’s. This is why just as he took office, it was announced, additionally as 2002, (see Dan. 7), and those four continents to nations shown in a block, a pending tug of nuclear war, Asia, America, Japan and Russia, that “fifty million would die.” Be very aware, there are death tolls pending only days from now, Trump’s administration or simply western rule that’s to reach far beyond the heavens with its astonishing calculations, So be equally careful as you all salute any of his, or westerners  war efforts, Trump’s as the days of Moses’ Pharaoh, Only a million times it’s troubles, is that of great judgment of it’s blood guilt right into a command from God, Himself, that he release American’s, even westerners along a Southeastern exodus, seen to be as mandatory as the Brie’s escape.
     -Whereas Obama is likely, prayerfully more of Moses’ fate, born an African, Islamic to black American, and in 2008, declared “the one,” just before he is made a world ruler over both his enemies and fellowman. Now seeming to have the continent of Africa in his grasp, the very continent where Apostle’s prophetic parables have been evacuating this world-war of refugees these thirty-one springs. Unbeknownst of the Mayan Calendar, 1996, still their sixteen years later, class of 2012, Unthinkably, when Holy Spirits declared Senator Barack Hussein Obama the one, where they referencing he, as a soon to be world leader, acting now as American refugees deliverer per Jesus’ astonishing Millennium, I Apostle witnessed, 2016, descend into his, into Obama’s world rule? The Bride is already in heaven readying the specialty stone having the surface of a meteor, declared the Antichrist murderer. A sunlight of God from behind a mountain in heaven hath commanded as the days of Moses, that all nation building, “let His People Go!” apparently into exodus of Westerners this world.
     -A roll call to a census taking, as the days of prophets Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel, while the Lamb’s book of life was open, has been mightily performed, there are commanded reapers, bearing sword-like syringes targeting all procrastinating America’s come Moses’ day exodus. Possibly why overdoes, witnessed as that outbreak leaving nothing of America, but a magnetic manner of memorabilia one is to hang on the refrigerator Just as overdoes, are declared the number killer of persons, of parents, under fifty years, Whereas only hours ago, just another indication that per our procrastinating Christ Cross into exodus not only is just our grands, but our children are in the most danger. Possibly explaining the day out at the park, this mayday only with the Clinton's, know, the funeral reef I witnessed tear into the heavens above, didn’t just have Trump’s fifty millions on it, but western leaders period, those yet planning the bloodletting of God’s people instead how best to evacuate the hundreds of millions as targets of God’s wine press.

     -America’s Come D-day, A Nuclear Kim, Yellowstone, Taking Eclipse 2017 Trajectory, To Earthquakes, To Noah (NOAA’s), Cousins
    -Yellowstone, Red Alert,

      -I was in a dream just now, (see Eze. 5), just as I seconds ago found this article, whereas an earthquake rattled, and moved the earth under our feet, even just ahead of us as my Memphis grands of procrastinating parents and I stampede into an escape as forewarn and forewarn only now tens of millions dead, too late. The same grand I witnessed being buried alive by grandparents before the Haitian quake, the same grand I witnessed swimming with the fishes before this outbreak of monster hurricanes. Those identical graduating tassels I witnessed used as toe tags for the dead before car accidents were declared the number one killer of teens.
     -Now an endangered species themselves, transgender restrooms brawls to great innovations, (AI, Micro-chipping the Genesis human being) all to genocide future generations. So now, the same grand, herein as one is to take special note, the worse of eruptions to earthquakes are upon us, why I been warning all those west of the mid-Atlantic, That they're to be aware, a three headed to four, 2x’s Godzilla monster, the West Pacific is come, get it, get Jesus and get out of it, and may God bless your American, to Western Rule Southeast exodus, Apb, The Ram, see entire blog here, see more here,   

      -And I Heard In My Hearing, 2017, “99 Bowls Of Molten Lava, and only days past, Noah’s (NOAA’s) Cousin, seen innovative technology in the sink as this wash, (see Rev. 6, 6th seal, 16/17/18th chapters), Apb,

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hey nephew,  the Genesis of creation would've been disproven ages ago if man had found a cure for sickness, disease and death. Disprove the curse of the Genesis, disprove the entire bible, I give you Paul Walker for an example.
     -Man is fixing to launch the greatest technologies ever this world, AI and Microchipping the human being, this flirting with disaster. Still no cure for death and dying that has claimed billions, that will nephew claim billions more. All men are snared, all are dead men walking because of this curse of God, doing the Genesis, ALL.
     Thankfully where Jesus is the cure, because God Himself hath promised and made Him. He is rest from all troubles, America's mission impossible, he is a heart of contentment, that means to a blessed end and beginning. Man's problem with Jesus, they don't want to live Holy, they do church but not Jesus, they love their worldly lifestyles. Auntee, Apb, see

Remember Disobedience To Procrastination Is Death, The First Lesson Ever Taught Us

     -Remember Disobedience to Procrastination is Death It's The First Lesson Taught, Obey God/Jesus Or Die, Even Why We, ALL MEN, Are A Future Mortuary, Beware

 -First Chris, the kneel only to Jesus T-Shirts are good, with one thing missing. also only pledge your allegiance to Him, to Jesus, don't be deceived Like I told you all lately, if you don't like Trump's NFL decision, then do what he should do reign. Also repent and escape all relations to Western Rule, God's wine press and reapers under his command are all targeting you, a purported fifty million to die, including, any D-day now, US soil beware all west of the Mid-Atlantic.
     -I literally laughed when you mocked, Bush's axis of evil, saying the axis off evil  is in the heart, its what I meant when I told Chris we're searching for the enemy in all the wrong places. Find you a mirror, spin around three times, sorta like a dog chasing it's tail,  chanting, who is the axis of evil? Upon it's third spin that mirror will tell you, you are, then death, judgment and hell except you  repent, get it, get Jesus and get out of it! Apb, The RAM, see here,

PS. Raise Your Hands If You Knew America Would End, Raise Your Other Hand If You Ever  Prayed Like The Days  Of September 11 2001, God's Kingdom Come, now thank God for knowing this liberating truth and pray, repent, accordingly, Apb

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

-Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest 10/10/2017,
     -All Hail To The Bride Now Reigning In Heaven Readying The Antichrist Murderer, (Dan. 4, Rev. 11),
     -The Run Before The Storm, As The Days Of Noah, Get Out Of Western Territories Now Is Come , Noah’ (NOAAs) Cousin…

     -The Second Coming Of Christ, The Nail In Their Coffin, Their Lives, Lands and Churches, Their Nation Building Is Heard No More At All In Them,

     -Beware, Great, Even Territorial Monsters In Your Lives, Lands And Churches, In Your Homes As Innocent House Pets, Again Apostle Say, Beware!

     As The D-day Of Moses’ Egypt, Pharaoh And they Shall Know I Am God, Come Out Of Them My People, Plagued By God’s Wine Press They’re As Good As Dissolved!

     -Heavenly Father asked by way of The Palmist, “why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?” Then reassured His Son of Sunlights and Healing Wings/Leaves, if He ask Him, He’ll give Him the heathen for His, for Our Inheritance, then I witnessed, 2016, Jesus Millennium descend right into them. Jesus accused Jerusalem of stoning the prophets and killing those sent after them, He explained to the forbidden woman, Jacob’s well. It is that the time had come, these vast innovations. Those of assembling masses of God’s people, would be of little or no service, seeing the heart that worships God, that God seeks after, would do so in truth and spirit. Please exit here, see the two greatest of commandments (forgiveness), into Apostle Paul’s plea, Luke 10:27; Rom. 12:1, 2. Speaking of the Apostle Paul, he explains it best, when he describes the man now crucified with Christ, no longer living but dead and risen with Christ, as Christ Jesus, himself, now Christian.
    -It is clearly what Jesus meant, when He declared, upon this rock I will build my church and not even the gates of Hell will prevail, it’s Apostle’s reminder, like young Stephen, Christians don’t die, they ascend, said, Jesus is here. The come Revelation of Holy Spirits speaking directly to and revealing Himself by way of Jesus’ disciples, out forever with the doctrines of devils and demons, out with western civilization. The second return of Jesus totally and completely fulfills the sounding of the seventh angel, just as King of king Nebuchadnezzar did witnessed, all world powerful. All demolished by a stone come down from heaven, then the apostate church, of martyred blood laundering is heard no more at in them. The mightiest of demons to religious politics are angry, the Bride's escape, Jesus come is the ultimate nail in their coffin, come is the valley of Haman Gog, come is the Lamb’s book of life, come is judgement and hell, get it, get Jesus and get out of it, Apb, The RAM, see

PS, Remember, "fifty million will die,"  then this exodus America's Southeast, If you love, share with your American President! Apb,

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Urgent, US, Citizens being warn to prepare for nuclear war!

Woe, Woe, Woe, cried Heaven' s host,

Woe to all those America's D-DAY come, West of the Mid-Atlantic primed to produce historic death tolls US soil, as seen and predicted these 31 springs,
The Run Before The Storm -As The Days Of Moses' Pharaoh and Jeremiah's/Ezekiel's King Zedekiah, It Is A Blessing, Everything Come Out of His/Westerner's Leaders Mouth, Is A Run Signal,…/calm-before-storm-trump-remark-spa… -And I Heard In My Hearing, "I have a bear in 120 counties/Countries," the end of world government is here, God Blessed the Seventh Angel -Why doeth The World System Mystery Sit So Solitary That Was Once Full Of Kingdoms, Nations, Tribes, Tongues And People? Jesus' Millennium Reign “Fifty million will die,” 2002, said the four nations to continents in a block, Asia, America, Japan and Russia, “fifty million will die,” cried also Trump’s 2017, inauguration, as so a funeral reef, Nov. 4th date. As to calculate westernized death tolls tearing into the heavens above, thus since come America’s D-day October, 2017, I, Apostle is warning. It is that all those West of the Mid-Atlantic beware aware, remember although so obvious, Jesus warn, although we’d been forewarn, still as the days of Noah, (NOAA’s) cousin, we wouldn’t see.
-Even we wouldn’t know until many are taken out by such cataclysms, that the worse that' to happen has happen, a nuclear Kim and company, a Yellowstone eruption, a Nibiru/Carrington or here lately, a Noah (NOAA’s) cousin, all those approaching, pending extinction levels and no flesh ill stand,, now we see them, now we can't, beware, Apb, The RAM

    Seven Whole Days To Ten, An End Hath Come

     -dutchsinse prediction, Apostle's 99 bowls of Molten Lava, even that all schools be finished, (see school fall break), is not a miss, see Rev. 2:10, be, stay alert you guys. The Intrepid dream timetable, America's D-day, Come, The West Pacific, By Something Described Lately As A Noah's Cousin, Is Dec. 25th 2001 Until 190 months, Oct.7th/10th 2017, this is not a miss! Beware, Apb,

    -Seen To Be Seeing, 09/27/2017, That It Is Into The Sink, This Wash With Modern Technology, That Cataclysmic, Finishing 190 Years Of It Into Islamic/Antichrist World Rule, see more here,

Seven Whole Days, Not A Word From You, Seven Whole Days, I’m About To Be Though,

-Pastor, of course you know, I call it the 'Run before the Storm,' as is come not only America's D-day,  but it's as the days of Moses, America's exodus. Even while Clinton, Bush, Obama where in office, I told American's every time western leaders open their mouth prepare for someone's holocaust. Only presently, as the days of Moses Pharaoh, this come reaping of blood guilt sown, it's here, it's US soil, the very witnessed of the funeral reef.
     -The cataclysmic soaring into the heavens this toll on human life, as all felled victims to Western Rule's bloodletting, herein whatever they threaten is come upon them, upon you double, beware all West of the Mid-Atlantic, primed any day now, to produce, a 3 headed, 2x's Godzilla monster, again Apostle say, beware! Apb, see here, Rev. 6:12-27, see also   

    -I warn a couple days past, come America's D-day, October 2017, all those West of the Mid-Atlantic, primed as has been predicted. That's by Prophets, Scientist and prognosticators great and small, a literally portrayed by Apostles dreams, through the heavens cataclysmic toll on human life; of a funeral reef, and I head in my hearing, "fifty million will die, " even Trumps inauguration!
     -I, Apostle, want you to remember, Jesus warn even after plenty years of forewarning, still taken unaware, men wouldn't see this catastrophe this nation, this world now come, a nuclear Kim and Company. A Yellowstone Eruption, A Nibiru to a recent Noah (NOAA's), cousin and the Bride escaping simultaneously, though we been warn and warn and warn, now we see these
 life to earth enders, now we don't, beware as always, Apb, The RAM