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THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 1986-2016/17
The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

Unto Caspian Matthew Hemingway and Aridity Tierson  was born their first daughter Saigon Amirah Hemingway, a son Jeremiah Elijah Hemingway and a daughter Tristian Ameka     

     And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring Caspian Matthew Hemingway  

                ...And The Smell Of Thine Ointments Than All Spices...
                                                 Scene XXIV
     -Yeah but we all know, like in the day of Noah, the Genesis man is in too much danger, especially the way the LGBTQ and P for pedophile moment are targeting the next generation as they are right now, the world can't continue in this manner of jeopardy, it just can't. So when we Maddox look it at like that, you look awesome tonight by the way, you too Myra, ah so stunning, then we're looking at it from Elohim's point of view, right? Elohim Ari and all that, that survey since the foundation of the earth, one question, did you Dido believe he would be gone this long? Six months, that's long enough to get married and have children on the way. You all hear the latest, Maaseiah is saying other pending with disasters fault lines may not withstand a Yellowstone eruption, you mean Maddox like it's to a have a domino effect. Right that the parody she got recently chanting “99 bowls of molten lava could be making reference to various explosions, that would be more than a local horror but a world catastrophe. “He's here,” speeding toward them, literally out of breath having the mightiest, unbelievable news at them,  that would not believe. “Caspian, he's here, what, yes and he look so, he's drop dead gorgeous I kid you not, what, are you talking, I admit this being an annual, Ball, I hoped he, I see him, my Christ it is him," tall, suave and apparently so sure of himself, as an elated Aridity roughly digested, it was him, it was Caspian Hemingway. This specialty gift looking more incredible then ever, headed in her direction, seeing she to cast her well meaning attention away, then mostly at them. "The top of the evening to all of you, may I Aridity, may I have this dance, ah sure, ah yes you can, please don't be cruel, holding her down clear, into clasping his warm,even nervous hands, even so, she was stricken with unbelief. "Is this a dream? It is not a dream, but if so, is one come true, then I wished you here, prayed even, perhaps, you look so good and you Aridity smell so good. I mean you look, I know what you mean, tell me how long did you practice that entry? How long have I been way from you? That long huh? Well you got it done just perfectly, we were Caspian just saying you'd been gone long enough to be married with a child on the way, you as well Aridity, I feared. The last I saw you, you said if I ask, you would say yes, did you mean it," this incredible smell, sexy whisper upon her ear, firing her senses all through, up and down, what an unforgettable moment. "I assumed you meant it, I did," an admission filling her eyes instantly with tinging new tears, her nose, her lips.  did she feel like Cinderella against all odds getting the Prince/King, “Use it, excuse me, the handkerchief, it's real, my grand mar, mar wouldn't have it any other way, use it, it's ok. I'm sorry, but Caspian, I thought I'd lost any opportunity of your gracious offer, surely my love isn't to marry simply because I asked. No, I want to, I have missed you, I, I can't explain it barely having known you, you don't have to explain, I've missed you as well. He does look good don't he, I tell you, I wonder what they're saying? None of our business I know, you think he's here to propose? Surely, why, hey, earth to Maddy, I'm sorry, I went away there huh? I was just thinking of something I read this morning, I don't even think she realizes it. Though Myra Maaseiah is right now encouraging people to get as far away from the western and eastern seaboard as one can, suggesting we then go where? As far southeast as is possible, yeah, Maddox but whose really listening, I always wondered why he's so different, Caspian was born and raised in the Juttah, excuse me, wait how do you know that? I been knowing, that, ah we're not strangers, meaning Maddy what? Meaning I was also born and raised in the Juttah, you what! I now babe, I should've, please, where are you, and she wonder why I didn't tell her, yeah you need to go after your wife, so you lied about everything? I lied about nothing, that hill, how terrified, that hill My is why I've chosen to live as an American Civilian, so get it out, what is Caspian to you? I've called him Hemingway or Hem all his life, all his life, meaning he's your cousin, your brother? My god I married a man I don't even know, so you knew he would be here, today? I did not, take me home, Myra, please, I worked to keep a low profile, even from me? Then you blurt it all out in front of my friends making me look like an idiot, such time has run out, such time? Playing these silly games over, frivolous sins no longer winked at but counted as rebellion whose judgment has come, who are you? Our fathers are of the Juttah tribes, Sia, second only to, Sia Maaseiah, servants of Jesus Christ, the first of the Juttah Septennial, and that's why you know so much? I know so much My because I study, I listen and mostly, I believe, you been looking forward to this night for months, you stay I'll go, meet you at the Dorm, and what is this dance without you, what's any of it without Maddox? I wasn't trying to, I know, I understand, you guys are like celebrity or royalty right? But right now they're playing my favorite song and I want to dance, so you're my brother-in-law? Hurrying past them at getting past them taking a seat, surrounded all around by itching ears and whispering, stammering lips. “I took your advice, I told her, you should too, what is going on? Ah, Maddox and I are brothers, brothers? I don't, heirs of the Juttah, every third child Aridity take it's mother's name, so while Maddox is a Deburk, I'm a Hemingway. I told you, after my mom, meaning her dad, meaning my granddad. Brothers? Born and raised in the Juttah, now, Miss Aridity, will you be my Juttah wife? How would I ever have guessed that? You wouldn't, I will, that is why you're so different, well careful, cautious and you said yes, I did, good, come with me, where are we going? It's a surprise, yeah, the night seem to be filled with them."     >>>"I need you to pack, pack, what are you talking about now? First Caspian, the Sia Juttah, we must go, okay, "turning into this newest husband not making sense, that he's unzip her stunning gown as himself, ready for bed, now you're scaring me, what are you not telling me, still? Caspian didn't only return for Ari, he return for us, for all of us, all those the Nuptial, Pre-Nupital Dorms, all Juttah marriages My that will come. With those delicious, edible locks moussed back now springing back to life, revealing Maddox Christopher even more this looker, just so beautiful, as so his heart. "You know you're not making sense right? The Juttah Septennial all over this world Myra for the first time are all simultaneously being drawn into the safe-haven of the Juttah and said alert is summoning us, that we do the same. You once Myra said nothing of this mean anything without me, without your Maddox, okay, my vow to my parents regarding my travels was that when it's time come, I wouldn't hesitate getting back there, to Juttah Africa. So I'm just to leave everything? It all Myra belong to an outbreak of troubles unthinkable right now and there is nothing to be done but to escape, so you're saying Trump's travel bans actually protect the migrants by keeping them from coming here? Yeah this country even into Canada most of all is the lease place anyone should, please darling stop looking at me that way. Stop acting as though you're surprised by any of this, you knew this day was coming, it's Myra always does, come to a fullness of time that is God's and His Anointed alone. Okay, suppose I accept this fate, I have you Maddy and nothing but Christ then matter, you really expect me, us, I expect us Myra, to persuade an entire dorm of the next generation of the Genesis man to follow? just so you know, I am not persuasive,I darling wife, beggar to differ, we're married because of your gift of persuasion."     >>>"You're acting like a mad man, what is this, where are you taking me, just a few more minutes, easy for you Mr. Hemingway, you're not wearing a blind fold, believe me Preecest, it's worth it, okay, okay, but we're close to water right, like a marina? How, how you know that? I can smell it, even feel it, okay, be very careful, a boardwalk right? Stop it, you're spoil the surprise, okay, wee'll here," brought to a halt, as one waiting with heart-over whelming anticipation, ah my it's a ship, yes, a cruise ship, yes extravagant enough and huge enough Aridity to house 3000 passengers who're to be inundated with the best of luxury and the best, you arrived by this huge, amazing thing?Yes, designed by Maaseiah, engineered by the Sia Juttah and manufactured by some of best technologists on the planet. Come, what you mean come, we can just board it, it's ours, on loan, until we convince 3000 others to join us, the Aqua Juttah. Okay stop, stop, it, uh, ah, am I dreaming this? Why you keep, Caspian, I must be dreaming because there is no way Caspian this can be real! "Shhhhhh," a delicate brush of her eyes, her dampen cheeks, so precious, along the plaiting of their fingers, at laying his forward so gently into hers, calming her. It's all real," a gentle word at her at ear equally bringing them into the a tight, sensualist hug, you haven't seen anything yet, you want to quit or continue this unspeakable tour. This is why you proposed, you wanted such an anomaly of a question turn my life upside down, because, because Aridity I knew such a day was coming for you, was coming for all of us.  What about my parents, our parents not in the Juttah? Spinning away, off seeming this distraught, to say Caspian was ready for that question, he'd been informed well, our siblings, our loved ones period, all of that Ari has been considered and taking care of, what you mean.? It mean a lot of the people boarding will be convinced they're on a free seven day cruise, once they spend this indescribable day aboard, we'll reveal the Aqua Juttah's true purpose and they'll decide whether to continue or return home, you thought of that? The Sia Juttha and I, yes, I guess, look,” as one kneeing so darling into her, this darling above all other young men, clearly as she stated, she' hadn't seen anything like him, or this place. If you're Ari feeling so overwhelmed by all of this, we can go back to the ball, put this off, the tour until tomorrow, or we can tour until we tire, eat play until we fall flat on our faces and sleep here tonight. Just let me get this straight, you haven't just brought me a Juttah proposal, you've brought me a Juttah Cruise a Mega Ship, it's an Aqua Juttah, meaning what Caspian? Meaning Ari it has submerging capabilities, if or when the top side is in any danger it' transforms into a submersible underwater marina thus Juttah Aqua, just think it of as a wedding gift, aahhh, I like that, just as simple, if you think, it is simple, you're looking at the size of the and discounting the gift. Look , look I know this is all so overpowering, even mind boggling, when I was first introduced to it, someone is coming, Master Hemingway I see, can I get and your guess anything? No, I don't . ah you want anything,? Only that you get me back to reality, no,Jessup but thank you, very well, a pleasant night to you both, you as well. Wait for me, this is not going as I expected and just what did you expect? Eyes Ari hath not seem, nor ears heard, neither hath it entered into the hearts of man, the things god hath prepared for those who love him. I know this from experience, unless you look at the Africa Juttah, the Juttah Septennial,and this beyond amazing escape like that Ari, you'll never understand it, okay? Okay, now please take me back, sure it's not a kidnapping, only an unveiling, so this is what Maddy is explaining to Myra, as well all Juttah spouses the Nupital Dorms? Thank you," that he open the door of this white, trimmed in gold, stunning stretch limo, you're trembling, assisting her as to fold her wrap over her arms. You ever see the movie, 'she's all that,' yes, sure, 'you remind me of her, only, only I'm black, right, and more beautiful right," easing his hand into hers, feeling welcome, made him seem a bit more assured, so sorrowfully having spooked. "Your skin is so flawless, you Aridity is flawless, I can't wait to make you my wife, nor I, that you're to be my husband, I think I can dare breath again, knowing none of that has changed. So you're saying, I call my parents right now, they're deciding between an all out expense paid? If you call any of them, a seven day luxury cruise, and they have no ideal it's the Aqua Juttah? I mean really Ari, how could they? It's only one day of wining, dining, tours, fun, and Caspian the greatest since Jesus' Christ Marriage Supper  decision they'll make of their entire lives into eternity. So Juttah Husband to be, a question, how do you tell so many, no, no, that's wrong, it's not tell them. They already been told forever into this very second, it's dear Juttah wife to be, how do you make them believe it to the point they, to the point Aridity, they escape." 

                                                       Scene XXV
     -How long have you known we were this close, to ah leaving? I wouldn’t fully know until Caspian arrived, someone is at the door, hello Maddox is Myra, I'm here, I know it's, well did Maddy tell you. did you tell her? How they plan to whisk us off by the thousands, our parents, sibling all into this Juttah Septennial? What, what are, what is she's talking about? First of all, stop talking Ari as if we're forcing anyone against their will, second, we, Caspian and I grew up believing in a Septennial, a time when all the born again will be of one heart and one mind, guide when they're to exodus all earth worthies and get themselves a divine reunion to anointed places Supreme hath only for them. Further separating them from the rebellious until they're taken up, out, being any place else is just too dangerous for the next generation of the human being. Some place else? This is all deceasing, anyway Caspian introduce me to this phenomena ship, this giant cruise, heaven on water Myra I kid you not, and claim how it''s to be home for thousands taking seven days to for seventeen days right into the Juttah Sepetennial. I thought he was mad, I still do, I just came to give you a heads up, good night, well at least try to get some sleep. I did't know," seeing she's cut suspicious, unkind look at him, only finding husband Maddox as confused as herself. “Your brother arrive in what can only be explained as a multi-trillion dollar world cruiser and you Maddy know nothing? He said he was arriving in style, I thought he meant the Heir (Air) Juttah, their private Jets, this My I know, the Juttah doesn't force anyone to do anything, that mean she just simply misunderstood, where, I got to find him, I won't be long. Good I was on my way to, what did you do? I think I found my Juttah bride and lost her Maddox at the same time, what where, so the Juttah Aqua is here, that's  how you arrived, in style as you said? It is, yes, how? It was already commissioned here, the less people to arrive, the more people we can move into the Juttah, people. Ari said the dorms, parents and siblings, you really startled her, invitations have been sent out, people will come and enjoy the Juttah Aqua, they will then be briefed by a reveal and make a decision. Invitations, invitations to whom? To all the households of the Pre-nupital, Nuptial Dorms. In anything those who can will have a very fun, festive day they'll never forget, and they'll take their loved ones and go home, I mean what are the chances Maddy any of them will stay, will enter the Juttah? Slim right? I'll be in the Chapel praying about it, see you tomorrow., how long will the Aqua Juttah be docked here, seven days, no more, no less, now go, Mad, go to your wife, I'll be fine. 'I'm sorry," squinting a slight look into at what appeared to be Aridity waking him, ah god I feel asleep, yeah, well the prophet Joel is to say sleep at the altar, how did find me, Maddox must have you? No, I was eavesdropping when you and Maddy was talking, you are right now praying for a Noah's miracle right? How the animals were by divine intervention lead to the ark, to Noah, you hope the people here, the York Dorm by divine intervention do the same, right? How did you ever guess that? No other would, easy, I thought like you so you ask me to my Bride for a reason, I thought I'd lost you and I thought you was settiing up friends and family along an occult, trick them, trap them and take them. Tell me you didn't, I sort of did, my Christ, you're serious, until hearing what you told Maddox, how the chances the Aqua Festival would change any bodies mind. So my question is, is there any of Maaseiah's forewarnings included in the reveal, you know she just did that repent into the rapture video, that'll be convincing for many. I want to come with you, to the Aqua, to ah review this reveal and twink it if we have too, you're serious? Yes, and right now, if it's to be ready by noon,, actually 11 o'clock, like the 11 o'clock shopping lunch hour right? Ah, first let's do breakfast, but lets get to Maddy's first, I really scared them, ah Myra last night, they can come with us help. I still can't believe you arrived with a Mega Cruise ship/Aqua, well just think of as a stunning mansion on water, how about three stunning mansions on water? Thinking Caspian Matthew remind her also of an actor, Trevor Jackson, only Caspian was white, with highlighted streaked blond hair scurried about, as admittedly as kissable as his brother's thick locks, made him priceless as well.  “What are you thinking about? Actually wondering, how many Juttah Aqua's are out there? As those coming, riding along the coast of the sea, the bright sun, the birds in the air, small to large boats on the water. When just as soon, all their eyes captures this seeming New Jerusalem itself, sitting on the water, my heavens, it's even more breathtaking in the light. And there was no need for the sun ,nor the light of day, for the Throne of God was the light there, quoting revelation. Ah god,  it bring tears to my eyes, only Myra like my fiancee say, you, well we haven't seen anything yet, this is for us? It is, all the Marriage Worshipers and any who will agree to come along, I never could've imagined anything huge as this, yet Myra it's to comfortably house 3000 and to be to answer your question, there are twenty-four Aqua's. Heir Juttah's, Juttah Transit's, passenger Buses, if people are to be moved one way or another, the Juttah Septennial has found a way. I agree with Dido, this can't be real, look at you Maddy you're just as stun, I've only heard about them all my life but this is the first time wife I've laid eyes on it, let alone made to border it." Appearing as a cruise-ship in every sense of the word, sitting the ocean breeze, soaring into the heavens it seems, just this mammoth disorienting safe-haven blowing your mind and taking your heart away. "So ladies where to first? Ah the ball roll, ah the theater room, I want to view, the arrival, yes, that, well why don't we just agree to meet in the Cafeteria in an hour, we are not alone so behave yourselves."     >>>"I Naomi Crossing, Flirth, is not a child, I fully understand the vows I will make. I Naomi Crossing Flirth do take thee, Reynolds Channing Micheal to be my Juttah husband,to have and to hold from this day forward until the rest of my life into eternity, until death part us a arrive us God's Throne I will love, you Reynolds Channing Michael is this love. I Reynolds Channing Michael, I am not a child, I am a man, I fully understand the vows I will make, for better or worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health. I Reynolds Channing Michael do take thee Naomi Crossing Flirth to be my Juttah wife to have and to hold form this day forward, until all eternity arrive us God's throne, I will love, you Naomi Crossing Flirth is this love, now thy Juttah husband. As we witness, we now preceive you two as Juttah husband and wife, so let's have a wedding partyyyyyy, witnessing the two as they moved this shyness into a kiss, Reynolds was yet the unbeliever, wishing someone pinch him. “You did it, you married me, and I use, I could feel him, your dad, you? Yes, I think I could, he was pleased, dance you two, you got all your life to kiss, what think about huh? Styling her just perfectly onto a dance floor made just for them, did neither of them appear a stranger of such things, but look more like pro, "I can spend all your life kissing you and I Preece Reynolds you, I'm almost ashamed to say, you are my first real kiss, and you Preece husband, mine, mean as well, this is all meant to be."
 >>>”Okay, in the dream it was as though I'd arrived a guest to this party, family, friends,celebration. Even my sister that's under me was one of these people, soon one approached, glad I'd come, but equally threatening, she was bearing a gadget as to possess with demons, like a wane even, instead I started calling on Jesus and rebuking her like so, when just as soon, people started lining up to instead be anointed by and into Jesus Christ, and I woke up, so Caspian seem this, this mega ship seem this threat at first, is this dream why? I mean really Maddox, look at this place, how can it in a million years truly be real, free of charge with only greater, indescribable celebrations waiting, so yeah I saw it first as threat but now I know, it's one of those phenomena promises of God.  You guys, come, look, they're beginning to line up, some with carry on bags others with nothing but themselves 
ah, my, he's right, they're, they're here, and look, more are coming, you prayed for this and you're getting what you prayed, ok, lets all take a deep breath and get ready to get to work."     >>>"We re born into a curse of death, and the American dream has been set up to make us forget that, why like Mystery it's called the great whore of religion, this lying murderer from beginning. O by the way, I like you in your underwear, as one funningly getting past him washing dishes, to the sink with her own mess, though newly wedded, there was no time for hanging out, they had the most important cargo since Noah's Ark to bring about safety. “Well wife I could say the same, if you was wearing underwear, ah I am wearing underwear, you dear husband just can't see them under my gown, ah, so how long does a husband have to wait for that darling privilege, when am I going to be allowed Naomi’s secret? Surely such reveal goes along with her now being a Juttah wife, ah, so the Juttah vows, wife argument, humm I can already feel steamed shower water coursing down my back, what is that, is that an off, Nomni, you, you know I'm new at, Nomni! Well close the door silly, it's cold, oh, sorry, her smiling face, wondrous neck, right into her peaked , readied to be kissed breast, pulling his t shirt over his head just as he entered her steaming hot waters, his broad shoulders, bare chrism chest, his drench underwear clinging to him, to swords of victory clearly made ready. “I never did this before, nervously whispered upon his warm, made ready lips, tongue, edging one upon the other, “my god! With shower waters their hair, their faces, their nude bodies, “neither have I, though I am Nomni so ready to try, I see your sword, just the slightest touch her aching nipples, her wet stomach, navel, of waters rushing right into her private areas, simultaneously causing her to quake through and through, a desperate want for him, unbearable. “Let's get rid of these shall we? His drenched, filled with a mighty, steeping battle Kelvin Cline's, they both wrestle down, off, one glorious foot at a time, I guess you can say we're both ready, unveiling a marriage filled with wonder, as they doved right into one the other,, He Reynolds would be adorably his, and she, Naomi, this beast of beauty, painfully, explosively theirs. >>>It, your dream Ari sound a lot like people once being lost, even satanic, demonic now being found, and Jesus as always is to break the chains of judgment into hell, of this second death. Today is the day, I know, I shuttered so when I saw first light, I've been so sure and yet as intimidated this heart as I am right now, then dear one, so perish, perish? Yes, may your fears perish, lean not unto your understanding, Christ's Cross has paid it all, done it all, all people have to do now Caspian is come. I totally agree,” as one bringing a lovely wife Myra alone, had they already spend a night in paradise on earth, what else could there be but Heaven Itself. “You brother have done everything that need be done, and I am so damn envious and proud at the same time. You've delivered this seeming God's very Eden on water, you've send out the invitations, all manner of free transportation, first come, first served, prepared until these guess a beyond fabulous day, beyond Hemingway fabulous, even this reveal segment, don't let your, this good Hem beyond imagination be evilly spoken of by you, yourself. I am so glad you've come,” as to run into his welcoming arms, shoulder, Caspian had to admit despite all their support he felt so overwhelmed, even whether he was doing the right thing, at all? I'd hoped in my heart we found each other in time for breakfast, ready to the dinning area, Ari? Surely I am, Myra and I end up in the library, there is a smell of newness there, as there is all over this place, but what really stun us is the amount of passengers already here, yes, the crew and their families, they were all Maddox collected along the coast of Newfoundland, amazing, and so overbearing my heart is both humbled and run-amunk at the same time, good for you brother, good for all of us. Our New Guess will start arriving , the 11 O'clock shopping lunch hour and, and we pray little bother holy spirits take it from there, so after breakfast, and I know we don't ever want to leave this astonishing place, we need to get back to the dorms and start packing, what are you thinking? Ah nothing, just glad this day is come and I can't wait brother until we're on our way, good, very good.” “You are scarey quiet, that at sip of his glass, had consummating the marriage been a beyond wondrous adventure but not completely without trouble, they'd unknowingly hit a snag. Don't blame yourself, it couldn't be help, I just didn't know I was so ill prepared, I hurt myself as well, if you must know, but didn't stop us from being so tremendous, and you Mrs. Michaels so stunning in the nude, shhhh, where you born in a cave? Right, we being married Nomni, people wouldn't even guess, ok, ye, but it' still private, right, just us?

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