Monday, May 29, 2017

And The Ten Heads Come, He Shall Remain But A Short Space

     -And I Heard In My Hearing  "get ye to Repentant altars God is avenging blood," (beware of the winepress of God, see thou hurt not the oil and wine), Apb

     -Now The End Begin, Now Is Jesus' Millennium Reign

      -It is the Beast system orchestra​ted not only against America but all nation building since the early prophets the entire world over. It's the Bush Administration setting it up this road to Islamic Jihad, (terrorism), seen awarded Diamond wedding rings; right into Hussein Obama, it's beginning to the end, of it's newest, chaotic Era.
    -Cameron Brexit this final stone of Western Civilization stumbling of Apostle John hearing how five  previous nations had fallen, now all else must decease as well, deeming Trump's this loudest of traviling cry, get out, get out get out!
     -Definately strange.almost as strange as seeing a world outcry that while Hussein was being​ targeted for execution. Inconceivably this worldl far and wide cried for his manner of Hussein/Islamic rule, see people of Jesus' Day choosing s known,  dangerous malefactor over Him. Even right now while the whole of the Us cry for a greater America and Trump projects such the like wall building.
     -Holy Spirits of divine watchers and forth telling of superb accuacy are crying the sky is falling.
obviously targeting all treasured get out of it! I know, I know, you can hear Holy Spirits asking John the Apostle, why do you marvel? As oppose to John's reason unholy men marvel at such end times Revelations, plainly God to Jesus cursed all the more those counting such divine things, foolishness, simply there remain no other salvation.
      -From Elohim, to Jesus to Heavems host and the Righteous Bride yet earthboubd. Those all the more, that's phenomenal who've greatly jeopardized and suffered. Those suffering right now here some 2000 years later, the Christian being gravely targeted it's Jesus' testimonials. To be sincere God promised strong delusions upon this rebellious, that for all their lives they look through a glass darkly, incapable of anything convenient.
      -An example right now science and technology have reached heights beyond histroic dreams, but it's not to matter in s few suddenly they'll lose neRly 200 years of all of it, this is what King Solomon said, if's not the finding your way towards an Almighty God, it's vanity, it's a reaching for the wind thus Jesus' lamenting let no man deceive you, as in all world events leads to the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, always, beware, Apb.
     -The American Dream like all religious to political, to military systems, to world, reign gone before were never of mankind getting they're ducks as ll in a rolll, evrn if do not for elevation, but more like the days of Hitler for extinction then you ask whose?  Then I must admit everybody's. Although from the sexual revolitoon into the LGBTQ and P for Pedohile movement attempt to as the days of Noah.
     -This satanic to demonic ploy to genocide the Genesis man, only like in the days of Moses  They, the rebellious are fallen into their own curse as God, Elohim, call on all Parents, (leaders to supervisors​ positions to be too targeted for the kill. I'm afraid even as they flee and additionally like the days of Moses, only those marked by a certain male Lamb"s Blood will be able to stand the day of God's Wrath.
    -Its mightest crying aloud ceaselessly in my ear, recentlly get ye to Repentant Altars God is avenging Martyred Blood beware. For more see Revelation 17 and 18th chapters, man predestinef to give away to beast and Incalculable death tolls. The most concerning one with American leaders names on it that reached as a funeral reef far beyond the Heavens, Lucifer did brag, who won't to be sitting ducks for this, don't die, live, the dispensation of Christ's Cross very aim. As always, Beware, Apb, The RAM,


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